Sunday, October 23, 2005

Broad Ripple Gazette

I'm now writing a column for the Broad Ripple Gazette. Here are the latest entries...

Musical Family Tree Show
The Gizmos
Friday, November 11th
The Patio

I’m not sure that this is much of a show review, the night was more of a trip down memory lane for me. The combination of knowing the Patio is closing and seeing the Gizmos brought back flashes of the times I’ve spent at the Patio.

I need to take you back to my musical formative years. Unlike most kids I did not grow up listening to music. We did not have a record player when I was young and we did not watch much television—my friend Aaron says I grew up a car and a light bulb from being Amish. My parents paid for some disastrous piano and guitar lessons, but I never connected with the music. If Nancy Drew wasn’t interested, neither was I.

I took my shy-farm-girl-self to Purdue. I remember sitting in my freshman dorm in 1980 and hearing that John Lennon had been killed, and I had no idea who he was. Then by virtue of typing a paper in a common room of the Student Union (I also went to college sans typewriter!), I met Chris Clark the newly elected president of the Purdue student body. Chris had run for president to promote his band, Dow Jones and the Industrials. They won by a landslide, the largest percentage of students to vote, ever. Apparently they needed an innocent looking person to get the checks signed for all of their fun events (there was an actual Department of Fun Stuff) by the Dean. Musically I went from zero to punk rock. The Gizmos and Dow Jones put out a record, Hoosier Hysteria, together that same year.

It was outstanding seeing Dale Lawrence and Billy Nightshade and the rest of the Gizmos being just as energetic and amazing now as they were twenty-five years ago. They played a great set including my favorites, Dead Astronauts, and their version of Take Me To The River. I came a close to dancing as I ever do!

It was great to see how many musicians were there, also standing front and center (typically they stand in the back of the room) paying homage to this great band of musical trailblazers.

For more information about Indiana bands and their history see You can next see Dale Lawrence at the Patio, playing the last show, Saturday, November 26th.

Jason Wilber
Saturday, December 3rd, 8 pm
The Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Avenue

The Indy Hostel winter concert series is in full swing. The Hostel is a marvelous, intimate venue. If you've never been to a house concert, this is a great way to really enjoy the music. Everyone is there to hear the music-- no bar chatter, smoke, or cappuccino machine noises. It’s just like having your favorite musician perform in your living room.

Jason Wilber is one of my absolute favorite musicians. A lifelong Indiana resident, Jason has performed all over the US and Europe, playing a variety of instruments while backing up notable folk, rock, and country artists Carrie Newcomer, Todd Snider, Hal Ketchum, Iris DeMent, and songwriting legend John Prine. His work with John Prine includes two Grammy nominated albums. Award-winning songwriter in his own right, Jason’s songs have been recorded by artists in a wide variety of styles. His 1998 solo debut CD, Lost In Your Hometown earned rave reviews (and a permanent place in my CD player). The 2000 follow-up Behind the Midway also enjoyed widespread praise, earning a 4-star review in Music City's daily paper, The Nashville Tennessean.
His TV and radio appearances include Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Sessions At West 54th Street, Austin City Limits, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, CNN’s Entertainment Week, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Jason’s coming to the Hostel fresh off of an East Coast tour. I’m sure he’ll have some great travelling stories. One of my favorite songs, The Galway Waltz, was written after spending an early morning in a hotel lobby in Ireland.

For more information or to reserve tickets see, or 727.1696

Spud Puppies
Locals Only
2449 E. 56th Street
Friday, December 2nd
“Off the Leash”

The Spud Puppies are celebrating the release of their latest CD “Off The Leash” at Locals Only on December 2nd.

This band of merry newgrass musicians is known for their high-energy shows, terrific harmonies, expertly played stringed instruments, and superb rhythm section. Newgrass is a fun terms that was coined to describe music that blends bluegrass, rock, and country blues played on traditional stringed instruments.

The Spud Puppies have been together since 2001, and is made up of Indianapolis music veterans. Their first CD, “Pick of the Litter”, earned great reviews and this CD is eagerly anticipated.

Locals Only got it’s start in 2002 as the Hideaway on Hillside. I always felt like they were the beer and wine, grown-up version of CATH Inc. The walls are filled with original art, and they host great original music. They have created a great community of artists, musicians, and fans of both.

For more information about the Spud Puppies see,. For Locals Only 255.4013

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sam Shaber, Middletown and Marigold

Hello Wise Owls,
Thank-you to all who came out to support the Second Helpings Harvest event (a QueenBeeMusic fan won a trip for two to Sonoma Valley for a wine tasting jaunt--congratulations CR!) and the Susan Cowsill benefit show.
Marigold Clothing Store (across from the Patio) was a sponsor of Harvest and gave Susan a huge gift certificate for new clothes. Susan said it was the first time she’d felt normal in months. Ahhh, the power of retail shopping.
Pop your head in Marigold and thank Linda for her generosity. And the clothes are amazing!
l. Sam Shaber, this Friday 10/21 8pm, the Indy Hostel
ll. Middletown, also this Friday 10/21 10pm, The Upper Room
I’ll see you at the shows…decked out in Marigold clothes, as usual!

l. Sam Shaber
Friday, October 21
8 pm
The Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave

NYC singer and songwriter, Sam Shaber will be performing at the Indy Hostel. I always credit Sam with marking CATH as a stop on the underground railroad of touring musicians. The Hostel is a great place to see a show; it is like sitting in your own living room with the musician playing a few feet from you. A great non-smoking, all ages listening room. For more information go to

ll. Middletown
Friday, October 21
10 pm
The Upper Room
(above the Broad Ripple Steak House)

The amazing guitar player Aaron Stroup, based in Austin and working in a New Orleans relief kitchen for the last six weeks is taking a break to reunite with band mates, Tad Armstrong and Stasia Demos. The Upper Room features terrific martinis and warm hospitality—Jeff Sample was just named Best Bartender in the latest NUVO. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…if I could just listen to one singer for the rest of my life, it would be Tad Armstrong. Come out and congratulate Tad on his great Chicago Marathon run, giggle with Stasia and coo over pictures of Silas, and drink some whiskey with Aaron. All three of the Middletowners are terrific singers and songwriters. See for more information

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Marigold, Susan Cowsill, Wine and more Wine

Good Morning Sunshine,

I want to thank everyone for this great weekend of generosity.

Harvest, the event to benefit Second Helpings was a smashing success. I am continually amazed by the generosity of the community. Olinger Wine and Spirits donated ALL of the wines. And, there were 350 wines! I got to be pretty familiar with the wine--not by tasting, but helping carry all of those cases. I have developed an unnatural affection for two-wheelers.
Twelve amazing chefs donated not only their talent, but also enough food to feed five hundred people. All of the displays were amazing. They pulled out all of the stops. I think the chefs enjoyed trying to outdo each other.
The icing on the cake for me was that a QueenBeeMusic reader came to the event after reading about it here--and won the raffle prize of a trip to Sonoma Wine Country! Woo Hoo!

There was a great turnout at the Patio to see Susan Cowsill. And the money jugs had lots of twenties floating around. Otis Gibbs, Amy Lashley, Tad Armstrong and John Byrne donated their considerable talent. Susan and Russ were amazing as a duo, which they claimed they never do, but they pulled it off well.

I want to give special thanks to Marigold Clothing Store (across from the Patio, in Broad Ripple). Not only was Marigold a sponsor of Harvest, Linda generously gave Susan Cowsill a huge gift certificate. Susan said that being able to shop for herself was the first time she'd felt normal in two months. Ah, the power of 'retail therapy'.
Susan looked great on stage with her new garb.

Again, I'm blown away by the support of the community to people in need.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tonic Goodness

Hello generous and fun-loving people!

It’s time for Tonic Ball IV…I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. It’s been a huge year for me. As you know, CATH on College closed in September 2004---and I’ve been amazed at the speed of the progress on that property (ahem!). All of the heartache of CATH closing did lead to great things for me.

I’m now the Director of Volunteers for Second Helpings, Inc—the agency that the Tonic Ball benefits. We rescue food that is then made in to 2800 nutritious meals A DAY that we deliver to fifty other not-for-profit agencies. And since we’ve got the food and the kitchen---we have a culinary job training course for unemployed and underemployed adults.

With my work on the Tonic Ball I could always parrot the mission statement of Second Helpings, but it wasn’t until I was in the building earlier this year that I saw how amazing and powerful the whole thing is. It just makes sense. I feel like I have the perfect job. It actually combines my education, experience and passion. We have three hundred and fifty active volunteers and as many as twenty-five a day in the building. Volunteers are the engine that drives Second Helpings.

As much as I have to be thankful for this year, there are plenty of folks that don’t. It only cost us fifty-three cents a meal to prepare and deliver…and that’s counting putting gas in the vans, turning on the lights are paying staff salaries. The job-training program is free—and it’s damn good. Trust me—we’re using your money wisely.

l. Tonic Gallery, this Friday 11/18, 5-8, Wheeler Art Community
ll. Tonic Ball, this Friday 11/18, 8 pm, Radio Radio

I hope you’ll join us at the Tonic Gallery and the Tonic Ball this year, or come in for a tour, or to volunteer!

l. Tonic Gallery
Friday, November 18th
5-8 pm
Wheeler Art Community
1035 Sanders Street
Fountain Square
free, all-ages

This is so cool—100 artists, 100 works of art, 100 bucks. That’s right….every piece of art sells for $100 dollars. And there are fabulous artists that donate—Chris Pyle, Kyle Ragsdale, Jessica Lowery, Douglas David, Rob Elliott and Emily Kennerk to name a few. It’s great fun and a great deal---take a piece of art home; feed almost two-hundred people.
The Wheeler Art Community is behind Bud’s Supermarket on Shelby Street. And please leave the parking in front of Bud’s open for market shoppers.

The Tonic Ball
Friday, November 18th
8 pm
Radio Radio
1119 Prospect Street
Fountain Square
over twenty-one

This year fifteen bands will all play one Rolling Stones song--not one song stoned; as I keep reminding BenWah Salami--and one song of their own. This is way big fun and a great line-up. Tickets are $15 in advance and available at both Luna locations, Future Shock, and Second Helpings. Radio Radio is non-smoking. We will be setting up a tent this year behind Radio Radio this year, if you want to get out of the fray for a bit. Here is the band line-up:
8:00—Suzette Weakley and Ryan Williams
8:20— Emory Salem
8:40—Were not Squibnocket
9:00—Yoko Moment
9:20—Ann McWilliams
9:40—Zero Boys
10:20—Liz Janes
10:40-- The Turnipseeds
11:00---Jennie Devoe
11:20—Otis Gibbs
11:40— Vulgar Boatmen
12:00— The Benders
12:20— The Common
12:40--- Brando
1:00— Loretta

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cottage Home, Susan Cowsill and Future Fun

Hello Chrysanthemums,

As always, I?ve got your weekend planned?

l. Cottage Home Block Party, this Saturday, 3-11
ll. Susan Cowsill and a gang of swell people, this Saturday, 9-ish, The Patio
lll. Sam Shaber, Friday, October 21, 8 pm, Indy Hostel
lV. Middletown, Friday, October 21, 10-ish, The Upper Room

l. Cottage Home Block Party
Saturday, October 15
at the intersection of Saint Clair and Dorman Streets

You don?t need to be a Cottage Home resident to attend?as Tim Harmon says, ?you just need five bucks?
The day kicks off with the Renovators Relay which pits local businesses and neighborhoods against one another in a race of speed and skill to race belt sanders, hang wallpaper, glaze a window, and rebuild a brick wall. The winning team will claim the traveling trophy and bragger's rights. Tim and Avi?s Salvage sponsor the relay---and yes they?re still open! The party includes such fun and diversity as the Drum Circle, food, swell drinks, and music by Travis Brant, Stasia Demos, Throughbeingcool, and Uncle Juju. Dancing in the streets is promised!
Some of the coolest people I know live in the Cottage Home neighborhood?Evan and Grace, Tim, Maribeth and Avi, Jenny and Ed, Brian and Melissa?you couldn?t find better people to spend a Saturday with.
For more information visit

ll. Susan Cowsill
Otis Gibbs
Amy Lashley
Tad Armstrong
Saturday, October 15
The Patio
9 pm
cash donation

As you may know, New Orleans singer/songwriter Susan Cowsill has experienced some incredible and awful things in the past month. She lost her home and possessions when Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown. In recent weeks she and other family members have appeared on television in an effort to locate Susan?s brother and fellow musician Barry Cowsill, who remains missing since Katrina.
There was a benefit for Susan and her family Labor Day weekend in Tim and Taryn?s backyard, which was an amazing show. The performers are reuniting to again support Susan musically and financially.
I?m not sure of the order of the musicians, but the music should start around 9:00, and Susan is slated to play at 10:30. There is no cover, but we?re asking for a cash donation?and all of the money will go to Susan.

lll.Sam Shaber
Friday, October 21
8 pm
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave

NYC singer and songwriter, Sam Shaber will be performing at the Indy Hostel. I always credit Sam with marking CATH as a stop on the underground railroad of touring musicians. The Hostel is a great place to see a show; it?s like sitting in your own living room with the musician playing a few feet from you. It?s also a great non-smoking, all ages listening room. For more information go to

lV. Middletown
Friday, October 21
10 pm
The Upper Room
(above the Broad Ripple Steak House)

The amazing guitar player Aaron Stroup, based in Austin and working in a New Orleans relief kitchen for the last six weeks is taking a break to reunite with band mates, Tad Armstrong and Stasia Demos. The Upper Room is above the Broad Ripple Steak House and features terrific martinis and warm hospitality. I?ve said it before, and I?ll say it again?.if I could just listen to one singer for the rest of my life, it would be Tad Armstrong. Come out and congratulate Tad on his great Chicago Marathon run, giggle with Stasia and coo over pictures of Silas, and drink some whiskey with Aaron. All three of the Middletowners are terrific songwriters. See for more information.

I?ll see you out and about!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hello Pumpkins,
I love seeing music in unexpected places…and the Village Marathon Station on an autumnal Sunday afternoon was certainly unexpected. The new owners of the station at 6280 College Avenue, Adam and Karen Goldstein threw an open tailgate party for the Colts/ 49ers game. Dick’s Bodacious BBQ served food and there was the usual array of football-watching drinks. A gigantic television showed the football action.
The real surprise was the live pre-game and half time show, Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts. There was a great stage and even a cool “green room” set up in one of the service bays. Tim and the band (Larry DeMeyer, Ben Wah Salami, Robin Reuter and Tom Waldo) played songs from Tim’s new CD, Everything that ever was—featuring one of my all time favorite songs, “Reckless With Love.”
The half-time show opened with, appropriately enough, “Mustang Sally.” And, just like the Super Bowl-- there was a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ by band member Ben Wah Salami.
I’ve really been enjoying Tim’s CD (available at Broad Ripple’s Indy CD and Vinyl). All but one of the songs is a Tim Brickley original. I am drawn to the song “When We Were High”, a sad-in-a-good-sort-of-way tune about reconnecting with old friends.
You can next catch Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts November 4th at the Phoenix Theatre.
For more information about Tim Brickley
For more information about my favorite new gas station

Future Music and Fun Stuff—
Friday October 15th, Susan Cowsill, The Patio—Susan Cowsill, a displaced New Orleans singer/songwriter will be playing at the Patio with a great line-up including The Amy Lashley Band. Susan, a former member of the Continental Drifters and her family band The Cowsills, is touring promoting her CD Just Believe It.
A fundraiser for Susan and her family was held in Tim Cohn and Taryn Meyer’s backyard Labor Day weekend and featured in the September 16th Gazette. This promises to be another evening of good music and good will. More information—

Friday, October 21st. Sam Shaber 8 pm—NYC singer and songwriter, Sam Shaber will be performing at the Indy Hostel (4903 Winthrop Avenue). I always credit Sam with marking CATH as a stop on the underground railroad of touring musicians. The Hostel is a great place to see a show. It’s like sitting in your own living room with the musician playing a few feet from you. It’s a great non-smoking, all ages listening room. For more information go to

Friday, October 21st, Middletown, 10pm, The Upper Room.—The amazing guitar player Aaron Stroup, based in Austin and working in a New Orleans relief kitchen for the last six weeks is taking a break to reunite with band mates, Tad Armstrong and Stasia Demos. The Upper Room is above the Broad Ripple Steak House and features terrific martinis and warm hospitality. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….if I could just listen to one singer for the rest of my life, it would be Tad Armstrong. Come out and congratulate Tad on his great Chicago Marathon run, giggle with Stasia and coo over pictures of Silas, and drink some whiskey with Aaron. All three of the Middletowners are terrific songwriters…and they do a great cover of Tim Brickley’s “Reckless with Love.” See for more information.

I’ll see you out and about!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

1970's Bands, 1920's Bungalows, Food Rescue and Susan Cowsill

Hello Pumpkins!
I'm excited about the change in the weather,a whole new season of clothes and I can start hiding my pasty legs in tights and boots.
There is lots of cool stuff going on around town!
l. Gathering of the Bands of the 1970?s- this Thursday 10/6
ll. BRVA Bungalow Tour--Saturday 10/8
lll. Second Helpings Harvest Event--10/14
lV. Susan Cowsill?Saturday 10/15

l. Gathering of the Band of the 1970?s
Thursday, October 6th
7 pm (doors 6:45)
The Vogue

This promises to be a blast! And, an early show, for those of us that were actually around in the 1970's. It will feel odd seeing these bands without sweating through the Vogue security without a fake id! The show is presented by the North Central High School Alumni Association (Kent Baker!) and benefits a college bound NCHS graduate studying for a degree in the arts.
The lineup includes The Wright Brothers, The Late Show--who have not played a gig in fifteen years, but sounded great on the radio this week, and the Roundups.
I?ll be the one selling posters and CD?s after 10:00. Wheee!

ll. The Historic Bungalows of Broad Ripple Tour
Saturday, October 8th
(advance tickets available Old National Bank)
children under 10 free admission

The homes on the tour are 6021, 6023, 6131, and 6170 Carrollton, 6202 Haverford, 6174 and 6178 Norwaldo, 5944 and 6040 Evanston. You'll find me working at 5944 Evanston, and that's the suggested starting place. For more information, call 251.BRVA.

lll. Second Helpings Harvest Event
Friday, October 14th
7-10 pm
The Murat Egyptian Room

As you may know, I now work for the wonderful not-for-profit agency, Second Helpings. I'm the Director of Volunteers. It is the perfect job for me. It actually combines my education, experience and passion. We send out 2800 meals a day all made with rescued food; prepared and delivered by volunteers. Harvest is a great fundraiser for us. Olinger Wines donates the fabulous wine, and terrific topnotch chefs prepare their specialties. You get to wander for three hours eating and drinking. What could be better than that?
And with everyone's generosity to the victims of the hurricanes, the local charities tend to be forgotten, so we're happy to have this great event scheduled.
I love to show off Second Helpings. It is truly an amazing place. Let me know if you'd like a tour and to join us for lunch or, even better if you would like to volunteer!

lV. Susan Cowsill
Friday, October 15th
The Patio

But, speaking of Hurricane victims,our friend Susan Cowsill has been displaced, and she has some great friends and fans in Indianapolis. I'll give you more details of this show soon. I do know that the fabulous Amy Lashley Band will be performing.

Thanks for your support of independent music and good stuff!

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Stasia Demos, Tim Brickley and Halloween Candy

Hello Butternut Squash,
I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween...and some candy leftovers. I've got lots of stray candy hanging around. I was sick on Halloween and kept the lights off, so I wouldn't give any of the kids my cooties. I love having good/wacky candy to pass out. I've got tons of PEZ dispensers, wax lips, and chocolate eye balls on my coffee table. Don't get too close to may find your pockets filled with gummy fingers.

Be sure and pick up a current copy of The Broad Ripple Gazette. Alan Hague is very kindly letting me write a column for this bi-weekly newspaper. Titled of course, Buzzing Around Town. With a fine Josh Johnson character of me...I was very nervous about that part. I never like how I photograph, and I figured if someone were to exaggerate those features that make me uncomfortable...well, it could only be bad news! But, it's quite fun.
l. Stasia Demos, this Friday, 11/4 The Harrison Center
ll. Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts, also this Friday, Phoenix Theatre
I'll see you then, and I promise I'll not be spreading any germs,

l. Stasia Demos
Friday, November 4
The Harrison Center
16th and Delaware
8 pm
all ages and nonsmoking

The lovely Stasia will be playing in support of Kyle Ragsdale's gallery opening. Kyle's show is titled Sweet Spot, and is in conjunction with the Spirit and Place Festival. Stasia's show will begin at 8:00 and she may be joined by a special guest or two. Humm, Sweet Spot...sweet Stasia...I'm seeing a chance to rid myself of some sweet Halloween candy!

ll. Tim Brickley and The Bleeding Hearts
Friday, November 4th
10 pm
The Phoenix Theatre
749 N. Park Ave

Tim Brickley is celebrating the debut of his latest album, Everything that ever was. This is a special one-time show. Tim and The Bleeding Hearts will be playing on the stage of the Urinetown production. I wonder if they'll roll out the faux pay toilets?
The bar will be open in the brand spanking newly remolded Basile Theatre.
You might want to buy a ticket to this show now, I hear they've sold quite a few already.
This should be a fun and unique chance to see Tim Brickley and The Bleeding Hearts. I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Greg Brown this Saturday at the Music Mill

Good Morning,
It's a great foggy morning. The kind where you dart into the yard in wearing your bathrobe to get the newspaper, and you know your neighbors won't see you.
Our friends at the Music Mill are bringing another great show to our town. And, there will be seats for everyone!

Greg Brown
The Music Mill - 317.841.1850
this Saturday
September 24
8:00pm/door 7:00

Greg is a regular on Prairie Home Companion. He's a prolific songwriter, and has worked with the best of the best. Please check out his website for a rundown of his career and fascinating family tree. Greg is married to one of my favortie musicians. The first person to e-mail me with her name will win two tickets to the show.
Have fun!
Click here: Greg Brown Web Site

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thank-you! Thank-you!

A heartfelt thank-you to all who attended the Susan Cowsill benefit Labor Day weekend. Susan and her family left town with $3500 to help them on their journey. Susan and Russ say it has made a huge difference to them already, and they can’t imagine how they would have managed with out it. Wheee!

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Amy Speace/Trina Hamlin House Concert Tuesday

Good Morning Darlings,
I'm very excited about the first concert in the Indy Hostel/QueenBee Autumn Series. If you've never been to a House Concert or a show at the Hostel, you're missing the best way to experience music. Picture sitting on your sofa and having great music performed just a few feet away...that's exactly what it's like, only you're sitting on John's sofa (and he has several)! There will be snacks and assorted beverages.

Amy Speace Trina Hamlin Indy Hostel 4903 Winthrop Ave Winthrop is three blocks east of College Ave you can park next the Hostel right off of 49th Street Tuesday, September 13th 8:00 pm we'll be passing the hat...please give generously
Amy Speace was one of the first people to play at CATH--and sleep on my sofa (you can read about it 10/27/2001 InnerSpeace ). I totally fell in love with her and her music. She's big time the last year she's won numerous songwriting awards, has done a residency in Nashville, and been featured in the Epiphone guitar calendar. Her new CD is coming out next month, I've heard a few tracks and it will be terrific. I got a chance to see her in January at NYC's famed The Bitter End . The Village Club is the same age as I am...and they tout themselves as NYC's oldest rock club. I choose not to dwell on that, bought a tee shirt and enjoyed the music. Amy is touring with her long time drummer, Jagoda. He's a fine musician in his own right...and one of my cat's namesakes.

Having Trina Hamlin join the line-up is icing of the cake! Her terrific voice and powerful presence have gained her a national following since she began playing solo shows on the downtown New York City club scene. She was chosen as one of the "Most Wanted New Artists" at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and as an alumnus of the Newport Folk Festival. She has performed on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien! I hope to see you next Tuesday. Please e-mail me with any questions. Wheeee! Nora

Friday, September 2, 2005

New Orleans' Susan Cowsill - this Sunday

Good Morning Good People, We've all be shocked and sickened by the scenes from Mississippi and New Orleans. Susan Cowsill in one of the thousands of displaced people. She's been touring with Otis Gibbs this week and has headed to Indianapolis to wait out the madness. There is a great show planned in our amazing friend Tim Cohn's backyard. No cover charge, just taking donations for Susan and her family. This Sunday, September 4th 6 pm Tim's backyard--4715 Carrollton Ave 250.7300 Susan Cowsill Otis Gibbs Tad Armstrong Stasia Demos David England Some background -- Susan spent her famed childhood with the Cowsills, ten years with the Continental Drifters she is finally touring solo. The rest of the lineup is chock full of my favorite people. Otis Gibbs is literally just back in town from a residency in Nashville. Bloomington's David England is an amazing songwriter and singer. If I could only hear one singer for the rest of my life I'd choose Tad Armstrong...and he's a terrific songwriter to boot! They will be joined by the equally fabulous Stasia Demos. Call Tim Cohn for more details 317.250.7300 Do good things, Nora

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nora at The Old Crow Medicine Show - A Review

Music lovers and scene-makers alike were on hand Thursday night at the Music Mill to check out the wunderkind aggregation du jour, the Old Crow Medicine Show. A bursting-with-energy group of rough hewn but musically savvy guys from the South descended on Indy with original tunes from their most recent CD, played at breathtaking tempi in full voice from the first note. However, this reviewer found himself distracted from the driving sounds and mountain hollers of the Crows by a concomitant weather phenomenon that happened to be blowing through the Music Mill that night creating a side-show all her own. Of course I'm referring to Hurricane Nora, the eponymous cult leader of the site you are currently visiting and a force of nature unto herself. The whole Queenbee thing suddenly made sense as your humble reviewer noted that by evening's end there wasn't a stranger in the house, while a certain ambience of connectedness and community descended over the scene, fashioned out of thin air from the available resources at hand, i.e. that evening's crowd. All in all her energy and enthusiasm for the music was even more awe inspiring than the music itself, sort of like the play-within-a-play from Hamlet, and all for one low, low admission price - who could beat it?!

-Tom Waldo

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Old Crow Medicine Show - Thursday evening

Hello Music Fans,
I'm excited about this show...These five young guys have been described as having "a driving feral energy." Maybe I can sneak my cat, who also has a driving feral energy in to the show. I have visions of Felix zipping around the stage...hummm, on second thought, maybe not.
OCMS is a punkified acoustic band. The play songs from some of the earliest traditions of American music--tunes from jug bands to Memphis blues. One of the members plays guitjo, a six string banjo that plays like a guitar. I can't wait to see that.
They have performed on Prairie Home Companion and at Bonnaroo in the last year--and I can't think of any other band that can span both audiences.

Old Crow Medicine Show
tonight, Thursday August 24
9:00 pm (sharp--no opening band)
The Music Mill - 317.841.1850
3720 E. 82nd Street

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stasia Demos - Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Stasia Demos--Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Tuesday, August 23 2005 @ 07:43 AM EDT
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Hello Daisys!
The fabulous and famous Stasia Demos will be playing with David Allen this Saturday at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market.
The music starts at 9:00 (the market begins at 7:30).
A member of the former band Middletown, Stasia is a great singer and songwriter.
I'm looking forward to hearing her terrific song about Karl Thelig, "the Flower Man." Karl's daughter Helen continues his floral goodness with bouquets at the market.
See you there! I'll be the one on the blue bike with the wicker basket!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Indiana State Fair

Only a few more days to enjoy the State Fair.
I'm a State Fair junkie. I love the Pioneer Village and Machinery Field. My goal is to ride in the Tractor Parade...maybe next year.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Anne Heaton

Anne Heaton and Frank Marta are performing at Lazy Daze Coffeehouse in Irvington this Tuesday August 2nd at 7pm.

Anne and Frank were CATH favorites and their last appearance in Indianapolis earlier this year was standing room only.
I also want to thank and support Lazy Daze for starting to book original acoustic music.

Anne and Frank have been touring together for five years. They put on an energetic show combining Heaton’s compelling vocals, humor and understated keyboard style with Marta’s aggressive acoustic guitar rhythms, exceptional electric guitar lines and backing vocals.

They have also supported some of my favorite musicians such as Dan Bern, Melissa Ferric & Jonathan Brooke.

Lazy Daze is located in Historic Irvington at 10 S. Johnson Ave (East Washington & Ritter) (317) 353-0777. $10 suggested donation.

I’ll see you there!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chris Haskett at the Harrison Center

You know how I love a theme...and it's all coming together this Friday, July 29th at the Harrison Center.
The gallery will be opening the show
The Art Formerly Known as (Blue)Prints from 6-9.
This design-inspired exhibit features the art of local architects. And on the gallery stage local architect Chris Haskett will be performing.
We’re moving the music upstairs. Chris will start at 8:00
You can find Chris at

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Musician's Wanted

Hello Musicians and Music Lovers,
The Midwest Music Summit 2005 folks are looking to fill in some spots at the Indianapolis International Airport stage. There are openings available today (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday.
I think this is such a cool idea. The folks flying in to town for the NAMM conference will be greeted by great local music. And you get paid with an official MMS badge ($130 value). The badge gets you in to all of the music showcases, workshops and parties, on the shuttle bus and a goodie bag full of music goodness. The bus runs until 3:00 am each night (er, morning)--the best idea yet! No searching/or paying for parking.
Contact Jake to schedule an airport gig.
632.1200 x 25


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Prodigals

The Prodigals

Tuesday, June 28 2005 @ 09:56 AM EDT
Contributed by: Nora
Views: 533
Hello Lovelies!
I'm taking the water conservation suggestion very seriously, but the lure of the sprinkler sure is tempting. I finally broke down Sunday and put the window air-conditioners in. Why didn't I do that sooner?
I'm very excited about the Irish band, The Prodigals on Saturday. I saw them in Cleveland in March, and it was well worth the drive. A friend of mine is bringing them to town, and we want to make sure they've got a great audience. It's a holiday'll have an extra day to recover from the dancing and Guinness! And a special bonus, just for you...have dinner with the band. Come at 8:00, bring five bucks and picnic with the band.
l. The Prodigals, Radio Radio, Saturday, July 2 10 pm
ll. Kit Malone &Victoria Vox, Locals Only, Wednesday, June 29th
lll. Tad Armstrong &David England, Upper Room, Friday, July 1 9:30

l. The Prodigals
Radio Radio
1119 E. Prospect St
picnic with the band 8:00 $5.00
show time 10:00

The best description I've heard of this band...or of any band, come to think of JIG PUNK . I was actually dancing...maybe 'cause I could bring out those old punk rock moves. These guys are very high energy and they put on a great show. And if you've got a special fascination with the accordion you can't miss this show. You can buy advance sale tickets at Future Shock and Borders downtown. I've also got a few tickets to sell, if you'd like to contact me.

opps, I've run out of time to tell you about the other shows...I've got an early meeting...Uggghh....


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Good Morning Sunshine!
It's a beautiful morning--wheee!
l. Mikea Pauley, Thursday (6/16) 7pm, Lazy Daze Coffeehouse
ll. Hal Gerard, Saturday (6/18) 9am, Broad Ripple Farmers Market
lll. 54th Street Art Fair (6/18) 10-4, Monon Trail and 54th Street

l. Mieka Pauley
Thursday, 7 pm
Lazy Daze Coffeehouse
10 S. Johnson (Irvington)

Mieka Pauley was a CATH favorite, "her voice ranges from haunting, delicate beauty to an explosion of shattering, soaring soul. Her lyrics bloom from a place of uncompromising honesty and raw emotion, aimed straight for the heart. At just 23, Mieka Pauley's songs are wise way beyond her years. Her roots are the blues, classic soul and R&B, rock and folk, and the result is a sound that blends and transcends these genres into a personal brand of pop music that is uniquely her own.

Billboard Magazine and the Boston Globe have compared her to everything from "a young Sarah McLachlan" to "Aretha in the husky vocal turns". But anyone who's seen her agrees on one thing: with a history of launching great artists such as Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, and Tracy Chapman, the clubs of Cambridge and streets of Harvard Square have once again produced the next unmistakable voice of a new generation."
Thanks to Robin Coleman who has found a home for many of the "CATH refugees". Lazy Daze is a new venue--please support them in their efforts to bring live original music to Indianapolis.

ll. Hal Gerard
Broad Ripple Farmers Market
Indianapolis Art Center
67th Street and the Monon Trail
music 9-10:30
market 7:30-11:00
Enjoy the terrific music of Hal Gerard while shopping at the lovely and spacious Broad Ripple Farmers Market. I met Hal when he performed at the Midwest Music Summit last year. He was easily one of the best to play CATH. Throw some money in his hat and buy his CD, you won't regret it!

lll. 54th and Monon Art Fair
Saturday, June 18th
This free art fair is always fun. Lots of great local and regional art and complimentary hot dogs and lemonade. You'll find me at the MKNA booth selling our great new coffee table book highlighting the architecture of Meridian-Kessler and Home Tour tickets. I'm extra excited...this is the first year since the fair started that I'm not covered in poison ivy. Was that too much information?
Stop by and visit Funhouse Records. It's a terrific place chock-full of records, CD's and guitar goodness.
As always, thanks for supporting independent music and art!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Independent Music + Arts Frestival

Hello Intelligent and Discerning Folks,
It's officially festival season...kicked off by the Independent Music and Arts Festival this Saturday at the lovely Harrison Center.
Ray Mills has the well deserved reputation of putting together the best lineup of independent musicians each year. And he's done it again.
CATH Inc/Queen Bee Music is proud to be part of the 2005 IMAF (okay...Ray did all of the work). Some CATH favorites are playing.
I'm expecting Seth Horan to walk through my front door at any moment now. For those of you keeping track, Seth holds the record for sleeping on my sofa...ten nights in a row; February 2003. Oh yeah, and he's a kick ass bass player/singer/songwriter. Yep, you read that right.
There is also a terrific group of artists that will be displaying their genius. Be sure and check out the work of Kipp Normand and Kyle Ragsdale.
Click on the link for the skinny; I'll see you there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Music in the Round

Hello Peonies,

I'm experiencing my first short 'holiday week'. And I'm all confused about what day it is. I've always worked on the restaurant business, and seemed to work extra when everyone else was off. I sure enjoyed sitting on my porch on Monday and reading until my eyes hurt.
Anyway...this Friday, just two short days away, four great touring songwriters (two from NYC and two from Chicago) will gather on the Harrison Center Underground stage for a music in the round. This is a great way to see music. The musician trade songs, often playing with each other for impromptu 'jammy' as acoustic music gets!
l. Friday 6/3-Harrison Center, 9:00-Mercy Driver
ll. Saturday 6/4- BR Farmers Market-9:00 am-Mercy Driver

l. Mercy Driver
Songwriters in the Round
9:00 pm
Harrison Center Underground

As you know the Harrison Center for the Arts loves a theme (as I do) for their gallery shows. The topic of this show is oncology on canvas, expressions of a Woman's Cancer Journey. For those of you who don't know the CATH Inc story, this show embraces the spirit of Cathy Peachey. Cathy who founded CATH over twenty years ago died of breast cancer in 1996. Cathy put a face on breast cancer. The Cathy Peachey foundation has raised over 1.4 million dollars that has gone directly to IU Cancer Center for research. I hope you'll go see the Harrison Gallery show, and head to the Underground to hear the music after.
Mercy Driver is made up of four musicians, the core of who met at CATH last summer during the Midwest Music Summit. Jeremiah Birnbaum, Shelley Miller, Dave Golden and Kara Kulpa will trade songs and stories. It's really cool--I promise!

ll. Mercy Driver
Songwriters in the Round
Broad Ripple Farmers Market
Saturday, June 4th
9:00 am (for music, shop earlier)
The Indianapolis Art Center
67th and the Monon Trail

This is a new venue for the Market, and it's terrific. Last week was amazing...I hope you'll check it out.

See you this weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Broad Ripple -- day and night

Hello Sweetpeas,

l. Rock the Ripple, this Thursday, May 26 9:00 pm
ll. Farmers Market, starts this Saturday, May 28
It's time for two big Broad Ripple events. Rock the Ripple is back! And the Broad Ripple Farmers Market moves to it's new home...and will feature music from our favorite local and touring musicians.

l. Rock The Ripple
Thursday, May 26
starts 9:00
presale $5 @ Indy CD & Vinyl,both Luna locations

Rock the Ripple is back! And it's cheap! This is a kick off for the Midwest Music Summit. Twenty-one bands, five venues. Check out the website for the full lineup.
ll. Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Indianapolis Art Center
starts this Saturday, May 28th

The BR Farmers Market is moving! A little history...when the market started up we were happy to see the handful of vendors that came.
The BRFM has grown so much, it's on it's third home (BR Brew Pub and the parking lot by Magic Bus, for those keeping score) in ten years.
I'm so excited about this location. It's right off the Monon Trail. You'll see me with my big dorky bike filling up the basket with goodies. Not only will there be terrific produce and plants, there will be music!
I'll send the full lineup soon, but here's a taster...the musician will start about 9:30, but you can shop before that...
May 28--Steve Feldman--Indianapolis
Steve has a brand new and fabulous CD.
June 4--Dave Golden (NYC) and Shelly Miller (Chicago)
You've probably heard the story about how they met at CATH last year, and have been touring together ever since. I'm so proud!

I'll see you out and about!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Richard Thompson

Hello Sunshine,
The great folks at the Music Mill have offered me two tickets to give away for the Richard Thompson show! Just send me a short e-mail about why you're the biggest Richard Thompson fan, and the most compelling will win. Please send your e-mail by noon on Sunday, May 22.
Here's the skinny...

Richard Thompson
w/ special guest Greg Trooper
Tuesday, May 24
Doors @ 7:30pm
Show @ 8:30pm
Tickets: $20 advance, $23 DOS
Available at

I've seen Richard twice before and both times it was amazing. I've included a review. I couldn't have said it better (and I've spent the last forty-five minutes trying to!).
Richard Thompson is revered by his peers, the press and a tight group of intensely devoted fans. After that last caveat, you may think Thompson is some sort of underground sensation, but he's as above-ground as it gets--how many underground performers have sold more than 15 million albums? A consummate singer/songwriter/guitarist, Thompson began his musical career with Fairport Convention in the late '60s and hasn't looked back. He and his wife, Linda, recorded six albums together during the '70s and early '80s before they divorced in 1982. Thompson's voice is immediately recognizable, and stars from Elvis Costello to Bob Mould sing the praises of this incredible performer.
The Crowd
Folk-rock fans and connoisseurs of intelligent songwriting. (of course we are!)
I'll see you at the show!

Friday, May 13, 2005

WhiskeyBreath Travelers

Good Morning Raindrops,
This will be the perfect evening to spend in the cozy Indy Hostel to hear four amazing musicians. And it's an early show for those of us that are adjusting to working every morning!

Whiskey Breath
The Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave
Thursday, May 12 (tonight)

If you've never been to a house concert this is the absolutely best way to see music. It's like having the musicians playing on your sofa. Mary Lee Pappas from NUVO describes the Hostel and the Whiskey Breath Travelers much better than I can. Read her review below.
I'll see you tonight!
Whiskey Breath Travelers (Mary Lee Pappas)
The WhiskeyBreath Travelers are an interchangeable collective of New York based musicians who hit the open road performing each other’s songs like it’s the only thing they want and know how to do. It’s a rotating cast, so there’s an element of surprise with variations on familiar songs and an element of improv that matches the mood.
Decisions are made in the moment like who gets to play what
instrument during what song and what song should be done next, all without skipping a beat and all done to enhance the performance. It’s a unique, soulful, thoughtful, musical venture.
This incarnation of the Whiskey Breath Travelers features two new
faces not seen or heard last March at their Radio Radio and Indy
Hostel shows. John Oszajca and Tom Rhodes join this NYC East Village ensemble of mix-and-match singer-songwriters for a whopping three performances this week. Liz Clark and Rick Royale are two faces that Start your flow chart! Gone for the moment are WB cast member and co-founder, Alex Lowry, who performed at Radio Radio last Saturday Indianapolis with singer-songwriter pals he met at the Midwest Music Summit last year Dave Golden, Shelley Miller and Kara Kulpa on May 31 at Vic’s Acoustic CafĂ© for an 8 p.m. show and again on June 3 at the Harrison Center for the Arts “Underground” QueenBee Music Series; and Tessa Perry.
It would be remiss to miss out on seeing these WB team musicians who
are stand-alone talents with their own individual musical careers,
albums and/or bands back home. Tonight, WB will be opening for Bob
Schneider and Band at Music Mill at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7p.m. and
tickets are $16. Thursday, May 12, 8 p.m. they will be offering an
all ages show at Indy Hostel (, an intimate, homey, venue where a true sense of their talent and sentiment, of both craft and delivery, can be assessed and enjoyed. And, you hang out with them too boot. Advance sale tickets are $8 and available by visiting Tickets are $10 at show. Saturday, May 14, they open for local piano-rocker Jon McLaughlin at Radio Radio. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Tad Armstrong and Jason Harrod

Good Morning Sweetpeas,

A great night of music this Friday at the Harrison Center Underground.
(check out this David Lindquist piece on out of the way venues--music venues prove themselves worthy).

Tad Armstrong
Jason Harrod
Friday, May 6th
Harrison Center Underground
1505 N. Delaware
free, all ages, smoke-free

As you all know, TAD ARMSTRONG is on my short list (really short--four) of favorite singer/songwriters. His songs are intelligent, thoughtful and clever. And his voice is amazing. You should never miss a chance to hear Tad perform.
North Carolina's Jason Harrod draws from the best traditions of American music to create a sound all his own. He sings in a rich, brooding tenor underscored by his inventive guitar work. He sings about lost love, found joys, and spiritual longing.

Please come to the Harrison early and check out the art show. All of the art is priced at $100. A terrific and inexpensive way to add to your art collection.

After Tad and Jason...and only after the music ends you can go see ArtvsArt in Fountian Square (you'll get there just in time for the exciting part!)


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Musician's Needed- Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Musicians Needed-Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Thursday, April 28 2005 @ 08:15 AM EDT
Contributed by: Nora
Views: 663
The Broad Ripple Village Association is looking for musicians to play for a few hours during the Saturday Farmers Market. You would play from 9:00-10:30-ish. No pay, but the opportunity to cell CD's and other merchandise you might have.
The market is very well attended and is moving to the Art Center this year.
The market opens on Saturday, May 28th and will run each Saturday
through October from 7:30-11am.
Let me know if you're interested.
Availale dates:
May 28
June 4
June 11
June 18
June 25
July 2
July 9
July 16
July 23
July 30
August 6
August 13
August 20
August 27
September 3
September 10
September 17
September 24
October 1
October 8
October 15
October 22
October 29

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chris Stamey 4/20

Hello Sunshine!
Chris Stamey, of the legendary 80's pop band THE DB'S will be playing an acoustic show at the Indy Hostel. And Indianapolis' own (and my personal favorite) Tad Armstrong will be opening. Not only is Chris a terrific musician, but he's produced some amazing folks...Ryan Adams, Matthew Sweet, Tift Merritt, Yo La Tango and Freedy Johnston.

Wednesday, April 20
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave
door 7:00
Tad Armstrong 7:30
Chris Stamey 8:00
$10/only fifty tickets will be sold
to purchase e-mail me or call Tim Cohn 250.7300

This show will sell out, so be sure and RSVP.
I can wait to see you!

Thursday, April 7, 2005

The Amy Lashley Band

Happy Indianapolis Indians Opening Day,
Wheee...Spring is really here.
And to celebrate come and see the beautiful and talented Miss Amy Lashley and her terrific band. You might recognize Amy from CATH and now of the Northside News Cafe. From now on you'll know her as an amazing singer and songwriter.
l. Amy Lashely Band 4/8, 9pm the Harrison Center
ll. Aaron, Stasia and Tad 4/8, 10:30 the Upper Room
lll. Bill Mallonee and & Vigilantes of Love & Mercy Creek 4/9, 8pm,
Radio Radio

CATH Concert Series
The Amy Lashley Band
Friday, April 8
9:00 pm
The Harrison Center Underground
1505 N. Delaware
free/all ages/nonsmoking

"Amy Lashley is a singer/songwriter happily planted in the Midwest. She writes songs with a simple, front porch feel--rural and rootsy; And sings with a rich warm voice that can fill a room with broken hearts. Miss Amy also likes to give Patsy Cline a whirl, then drive an old pick-up through a jazz standard...." You can hear her tunes at
I'll see you there!

Aaron, Stasia and Tad
Friday, April 8
The Upper Room
(above Broad Ripple Steak House)
21 and over
small cover

Aaron's visiting from Austin, TX and his Middletown pals are getting together for an acoustic show. It's Aaron's birthday, Stasia will be armed with baby pictures, and Tad's sounding better than ever. A great night of music...see Amy at the Underground and head to the Upper Room. Wheee!

Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love and Mercy Creek
Saturday, April 9th
Radio Radio
1119 E. Prospect St, Fountain Square
21 and over (id required)
$10 to benefit the Timmy Foundation
Presale tickets: Luna music stores Timmy office in Glendale.
Call for more info: 317-253-8466.

Two great bands for one great cause. The Timmy Foundation is a locally based group with global impact. Click here: :: Timmy ::
Bill Mallonee Official Site and

Friday, April 1, 2005

April Goodness

Hello April Fools*,

You can tell it's Springtime, the daffodils are blooming and musicians are out touring!

Thanks to Mary Lee Pappas for the great review of the Whiskey Breath Travelers at the Indy Hostel. Check it out in the current NUVO. NYC singers deliver great show.

l. 3 Chicago+1 Louisville=Amazing Show, Friday (4/1), 8 pm Abbey
ll. Sign up on Queen Bee

l. danny flanigan
Shelley Miller
Dave Golden
Samantha Twigg Johnson
Friday, April 1
9 pm
Abbey Coffeehouse
825 N. Pennsylvania Street

This is a "dream team" show. I could wear you out with all of the great stuff I could say about these folks, so I'll keep it to a sentence (or so) each about them.
+Louisville's danny flanigan is one of my all time favorites. I know the words to all of his songs. If I'm stuck on a desert island I'd want him (and his guitar) there.
+When Chicago's Shelly Miller heard that CATH was closing she made a special trip to Indianapolis to give me a hug, candy and a cool-ass purse that looks like a puppy. Check out the review of her Midwest Music Show at CATH. / MMS ’04 in review
+Dave Golden also played at the MMS last summer. One of the great stories...he met Shelly and Samantha at CATH and the rest is history.
+Samantha Twigg Johnson played at CATH and stayed at my house during MMS 2004. She's amazing and talented. I can't wait to see/hear her again.

ll. Queen Bee Music

Please check out the website and sign up. I'd like to send out the updates from there and get rid of this bulky e-mail list.

*and the April Fool greeting is typed with love!
I hope to see you at the Abbey!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

five songwriters- one bottle- one mission

Hello Strangers,
I feel like it's been so long since we've chatted. I've missed you!
Something truly amazing is happening this Friday, March 25. And you're in on the secret!

Whiskey Breath Travelers
Birnbaum, Clark, Lowry, Perry and Royale
Friday, March 25th
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave
(on 49th Street, three blocks east of College Ave)

These five amazing New York singer/songwriters are touring to support Indianapolis Public Schools' music program. They realize the impact that music has made on their lives and want to make sure that our school children get the same benefit. Their generosity blows me away!
You can donate new or gently used musical instruments to the cause at the show. You can donate money in person or donate directly to Band Together (info below).
You might remember Jeremiah Birnbaum from the 2004 Midwest Music Summit and a memorable Sunday morning at CATH. To read that review click here and scroll down to Mary Lee Pappas' review / MMS ’04 in review
The current issue of NUVO profiles the tour / NYC artists come to Indy’s aid.
Please take this special chance to see these amazing folks in an intimate setting.
I hope to see you at the show.
If you have any questions you can e-mail me until 7 pm, or call 374.5744
Please send tax deductible donations to "Band Together":
Bands of America, Inc.
Attn: Band Together
39 W. Jackson Place, Ste 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Contact: Ms. Terri Dillon, Director of Development

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Queen Bee in the news

Yippee! Thanks to Paul Pogue for the great article on the state of acoustic music in Indianapolis.

Changing times for acoustic performers
Venues scramble to fill void left by Cath

By Paul F. P. Pogue

It’s one of the oldest forms of entertainment: the traveling minstrel, a singer/songwriter with nothing but a guitar and a voice, going from place to place singing for his supper. In an age of Internet downloads and stage spectacle, the art of the singer/songwriter remains alive and vibrant in Indianapolis.

Mieka Pauley performs at the Abbey Coffeehouse, one of many venues now supporting the singer/songwriter scene in Indianapolis.For several years, Nora Spitznogle, booking shows at the Cath Coffeehouse in Broad Ripple, was the godmother of the scene. In the wake of Cath’s closing last year, the scene has spread out among a wide array of venues. Boulevard Place, the Abbey Coffeehouse,, Vic’s Coffeehouse, Indy Hostel and Out Word Bound are only a few of the places picking up the slack, and even venues such as the Music Mill are getting into the act, booking performers like Melissa Ferrick.

Robin Coleman, who booked shows for Indy’s Music House before it closed down late last year, now books acts through her new site,

“You’ve just got to know where to look to find stuff like that,” Coleman said. “Ever since Cath closed, a lot of us really stepped up to the plate and have carried on the Cath tradition. They loved Nora in Chicago. Cath became a real weigh station. You weren’t necessarily going to make hundreds of dollars, but it was a place to break in and gain new fans. I would go just to find new music. A lot of times people get in their familiar zone of who they like to listen to. Most of the time independent artists, you’re either going to pay nothing to go see them or very low cover charge, and you can’t beat that. And to me a lot of times the music is better.”

Coleman said that the various promoters are forming a strong bond and network with each other, helping each other line up and cross-promote shows, as well as communicating with each other to find venues when one of them gets an offer that they can’t fit into their own schedule.

“It’s really exciting,” she said. “Sometimes I feel like the kid in Almost Famous. I wouldn’t mind continuing this as long as I’m able and can keep my sanity about myself. I think there’ll always be room for stuff like this, because you’ll always have the indie scene. You’ll always have kids coming up. It’s a never-ending pot of gold. It’s where everybody starts out. Stuff like American Idol makes me mad, because it’s mass-produced entertainment. That’s why there’s independent artists out there. They’re people who want to do their own.”

Cathy Schneider and Joyce Walker, who operate and book acts at their neighborhood clubhouse as well as Out Word Bound, started up their work in order to give a stage to female artists such as Michelle Malone, Aerin Tedesco and Andrea Bunch.

“At the time there was no place in Indianapolis for independent female musicians to play,” Walker said. “There’s a lot of really good little groups out there and no stage for them to be on. And it’s really about women’s community. We can’t seem to sustain a meeting place. We had Utopia, we had a few places in the past, and they just go by the wayside.

“It’s to keep the culture alive, keep the art alive,” Schneider said. “We’re in a Republican situation right now, and art is the first thing that suffers. This is our way of supporting art and keeping it alive. I want people 30 years younger than me to understand.”

Tammara Tracy works with Schneider and Walker to coordinate the “Music in the Stacks” biweekly series of shows at Out Word Bound book store.

“The frustration that I heard from many performers saying that there wasn’t anyplace to perform,” Tracy said. “IndyIndie is a monthly gig, and there are so many other traveling musicians that needed a place. And capitalizing on Indianapolis’ geographic location, as being the crossroads as the musicians are traveling the country, they need gas money and stuff like that. I’m hoping to contribute to the viability of the independent musician, and I’m hoping to introduce their music to more and more people.”

John Newton promotes frequent events in the intimate living-room setting of the Indy Hostel (, including a recent appearance by Jason Wilber and an upcoming series of Sunday afternoon classical performances at 1 p.m. every Sunday from March 13 through all of April.

“These house parties, it’s really a different scene. It’s more relaxed, people have a good time. I don’t make a lot of money out of them, sometimes I lose money, but it gets the place’s name out there,” Newton said. “Jason Wilber was a standing-room only crowd. Everyone enjoyed it, it was a wonderful show, it was low-key, smoke-free, lot of good food, good drinks. A lot of people made new friends. Another neat thing about a house party is kids can come. I can have high school students visit that are into music and gain admission because there’s no age limit.”

Spitznogle herself continues to promote the occasional show and a monthly series at the Harrison Center. She also runs an information hub of singer/songwriter events at her Web site,

“I think it’s amazing how from the ashes of Cath so many more venues have popped up,” Spitznogle said. “People who weren’t doing singer/songwriter stuff are doing it now, which I think is wonderful. There was a big outcry of people, wondering where, and maybe it was people who hadn’t thought about doing it before and saw some value in it. A lot of people still contact me and I try to contact different venues.”

She started running singer/songwriter events at the Cath five years ago; by the time Cath closed, she had performers nearly every day.

“It was like an underground railroad where they’d find a venue out there,” she said. “There were these New York singer/songwriters and all these people from across the country. We couldn’t afford to pay them, so we’d pass the hat and I’d put them up for the night and feed them. That was the hardest part for me, when we closed Cath. I felt like Cath had built itself into a great singer/songwriter venue, and I hated to see that go.”

Nonetheless, she sees a renaissance in the scene as more and more promoters take up the banner.

“I think it’s only getting better and better,” Spitznogle said. “The first year Midwest Music Summit was here, they didn’t have many singer/songwriters, and last year Cath was a venue for two days. More people are appreciating the value of original music. It’s warmed my little heart how many people have picked up where Cath left off.”

And ultimately, according to Coleman, the scene’s strength is in those who come out and take a chance on new music day in and day out.

“The new venues have given a new opportunity to the local artists and traveling artists who pass through,” Coleman said. “There’s a lot out there. Just go out there and give a chance to somebody maybe you haven’t heard of.”

For more information:

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Music News

Hello Kittens!
Thanks to everyone who attended the fabulous Jason Wilber Hostel Concert. It was a roaring success. Look for more Queen Bee Music/Indy Hostel concerts in the future.
I want to update you on shows featuring CATH alumni.

Happy Listening!


l. Friday (2/25) Sam Shaber- Abbey Coffeehouse
ll. Friday (3/4) Teddy Goldstein- Outword Bound Bookstore

this Friday, February 25
Abbey Coffeehouse
825 N. Pennsylvania St
$10 suggested donation

I always credit Sam with bringing music to CATH. I've said "all roads lead to Sam Shaber" more times than can count. With good reason! I'm very happy that the Abbey is starting to host music and picking up some CATH refugees. Robin Coleman, another friend of CATH is booking these shows. Check out her website I'm looking forward to many more shows at the Abbey.
Sam will be back next week, Saturday, March 5th opening for the terrific Melissa Ferrick. The Music Mill - 317.841.1850 is a great new venue. Lots of parking, great food and drinks and nonsmoking. Wheee!

Friday, March 4
Outward Bound Bookstore
625 N. East St.
$10 suggested donation

Speaking of all roads lead to Sam, she and Teddy are part of a group of NYC singer/songwriters. OutWord Bound Bookstore (
has started an amazing 'Music In The Stax series'. I hope you'll support Teddy and the bookstore. Oh, about Teddy...he's fabulously funny. He's known as much for his clever songs whether sensitive or comedic as for his energetic and unpredictable shows. You'll laugh, you'll cry!


Music News

Hello Kittens!
Thanks to everyone who attended the fabulous Jason Wilber Hostel Concert. It was a roaring success. Look for more Queen Bee Music/Indy Hostel concerts in the future.
I want to update you on shows featuring CATH alumni.
Happy Listening!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jason Wilber

Hello Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a terrific Saint Valentine's Day. I think I might have a candy hangover!

The first ever Indy Hostel concert is this Friday. With the fabulous and amazing Jason Wilber.
Jason Wilber
8:00 p.m., Friday, February 18th
The Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave
$10 (includes snacks and beverages)
e-mail me for tickets
or call 797.1696

As you all know, Jason is one of my absolute favorite musicians. A lifelong Indiana resident, Jason Wilber has performed all over the US and Europe, playing a variety of instruments while backing up notable folk, rock, and country artists Carrie Newcomer, Todd Snider, Hal Ketchum, Iris DeMent, and songwriting legend John Prine. His work with John Prine includes two Grammy nominated albums. An award-winning songwriter in his own right, Jason's songs have been recorded by artists in a wide variety of styles. His 1998 solo debut CD, Lost In Your Hometown earned rave reviews (and a permanent place in my CD player). The 2000 follow-up Behind the Midway also enjoyed widespread praise, earning a 4-star review in Music City's daily paper, The Nashville Tennessean.
His TV and radio appearances include Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Sessions At West 54th Street, Austin City Limits, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, CNN’s Entertainment Week, and The Grand Ole Opry.

The Hostel is a small intimate venue. If you've never been to a house concert, this is a great way to really enjoy the music. Everyone is there to hear Jason, no bar chatter, smoke, or cappuccino machine noises.
I can't wait!

Nora Spitznogle

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Queen Bee Music News

Queen Bee Music News

A lot has happened since the last music update. As you all know CATH at 54th Street closed this fall when we lost our lease (I hear the building is scheduled to be torn down this month, but we're not dwelling on that). The latest news is that we sold our stand at the City Market. The new owner Mike Batarseh is committed to serving the same great coffee and goodies that have made CATH a City Market staple for twenty-two years. I helped Mike with the transition, and now he's on his own. With me not being there anymore, I'm not entirely comfortable continuing to use the CATH name for my music endeavors. So, from now on the music news will come from the e-mail address