Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tonic Goodness

Hello generous and fun-loving people!

It’s time for Tonic Ball IV…I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. It’s been a huge year for me. As you know, CATH on College closed in September 2004---and I’ve been amazed at the speed of the progress on that property (ahem!). All of the heartache of CATH closing did lead to great things for me.

I’m now the Director of Volunteers for Second Helpings, Inc—the agency that the Tonic Ball benefits. We rescue food that is then made in to 2800 nutritious meals A DAY that we deliver to fifty other not-for-profit agencies. And since we’ve got the food and the kitchen---we have a culinary job training course for unemployed and underemployed adults.

With my work on the Tonic Ball I could always parrot the mission statement of Second Helpings, but it wasn’t until I was in the building earlier this year that I saw how amazing and powerful the whole thing is. It just makes sense. I feel like I have the perfect job. It actually combines my education, experience and passion. We have three hundred and fifty active volunteers and as many as twenty-five a day in the building. Volunteers are the engine that drives Second Helpings.

As much as I have to be thankful for this year, there are plenty of folks that don’t. It only cost us fifty-three cents a meal to prepare and deliver…and that’s counting putting gas in the vans, turning on the lights are paying staff salaries. The job-training program is free—and it’s damn good. Trust me—we’re using your money wisely.

l. Tonic Gallery, this Friday 11/18, 5-8, Wheeler Art Community
ll. Tonic Ball, this Friday 11/18, 8 pm, Radio Radio

I hope you’ll join us at the Tonic Gallery and the Tonic Ball this year, or come in for a tour, or to volunteer!

l. Tonic Gallery
Friday, November 18th
5-8 pm
Wheeler Art Community
1035 Sanders Street
Fountain Square
free, all-ages

This is so cool—100 artists, 100 works of art, 100 bucks. That’s right….every piece of art sells for $100 dollars. And there are fabulous artists that donate—Chris Pyle, Kyle Ragsdale, Jessica Lowery, Douglas David, Rob Elliott and Emily Kennerk to name a few. It’s great fun and a great deal---take a piece of art home; feed almost two-hundred people.
The Wheeler Art Community is behind Bud’s Supermarket on Shelby Street. And please leave the parking in front of Bud’s open for market shoppers.

The Tonic Ball
Friday, November 18th
8 pm
Radio Radio
1119 Prospect Street
Fountain Square
over twenty-one

This year fifteen bands will all play one Rolling Stones song--not one song stoned; as I keep reminding BenWah Salami--and one song of their own. This is way big fun and a great line-up. Tickets are $15 in advance and available at both Luna locations, Future Shock, and Second Helpings. Radio Radio is non-smoking. We will be setting up a tent this year behind Radio Radio this year, if you want to get out of the fray for a bit. Here is the band line-up:
8:00—Suzette Weakley and Ryan Williams
8:20— Emory Salem
8:40—Were not Squibnocket
9:00—Yoko Moment
9:20—Ann McWilliams
9:40—Zero Boys
10:20—Liz Janes
10:40-- The Turnipseeds
11:00---Jennie Devoe
11:20—Otis Gibbs
11:40— Vulgar Boatmen
12:00— The Benders
12:20— The Common
12:40--- Brando
1:00— Loretta

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