Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Broad Ripple -- day and night

Hello Sweetpeas,

l. Rock the Ripple, this Thursday, May 26 9:00 pm
ll. Farmers Market, starts this Saturday, May 28
It's time for two big Broad Ripple events. Rock the Ripple is back! And the Broad Ripple Farmers Market moves to it's new home...and will feature music from our favorite local and touring musicians.

l. Rock The Ripple
Thursday, May 26
starts 9:00
presale $5 @ Indy CD & Vinyl,both Luna locations

Rock the Ripple is back! And it's cheap! This is a kick off for the Midwest Music Summit. Twenty-one bands, five venues. Check out the website for the full lineup. www.rocktheripple.com
ll. Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Indianapolis Art Center
starts this Saturday, May 28th

The BR Farmers Market is moving! A little history...when the market started up we were happy to see the handful of vendors that came.
The BRFM has grown so much, it's on it's third home (BR Brew Pub and the parking lot by Magic Bus, for those keeping score) in ten years.
I'm so excited about this location. It's right off the Monon Trail. You'll see me with my big dorky bike filling up the basket with goodies. Not only will there be terrific produce and plants, there will be music!
I'll send the full lineup soon, but here's a taster...the musician will start about 9:30, but you can shop before that...
May 28--Steve Feldman--Indianapolis
Steve has a brand new and fabulous CD.
June 4--Dave Golden (NYC) and Shelly Miller (Chicago)
You've probably heard the story about how they met at CATH last year, and have been touring together ever since. I'm so proud!

I'll see you out and about!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Richard Thompson

Hello Sunshine,
The great folks at the Music Mill have offered me two tickets to give away for the Richard Thompson show! Just send me a short e-mail about why you're the biggest Richard Thompson fan, and the most compelling will win. Please send your e-mail by noon on Sunday, May 22.
Here's the skinny...

Richard Thompson
w/ special guest Greg Trooper
Tuesday, May 24
Doors @ 7:30pm
Show @ 8:30pm
Tickets: $20 advance, $23 DOS
Available at www.themusicmillvenue.com

I've seen Richard twice before and both times it was amazing. I've included a review. I couldn't have said it better (and I've spent the last forty-five minutes trying to!).
Richard Thompson is revered by his peers, the press and a tight group of intensely devoted fans. After that last caveat, you may think Thompson is some sort of underground sensation, but he's as above-ground as it gets--how many underground performers have sold more than 15 million albums? A consummate singer/songwriter/guitarist, Thompson began his musical career with Fairport Convention in the late '60s and hasn't looked back. He and his wife, Linda, recorded six albums together during the '70s and early '80s before they divorced in 1982. Thompson's voice is immediately recognizable, and stars from Elvis Costello to Bob Mould sing the praises of this incredible performer.
The Crowd
Folk-rock fans and connoisseurs of intelligent songwriting. (of course we are!)
I'll see you at the show!

Friday, May 13, 2005

WhiskeyBreath Travelers

Good Morning Raindrops,
This will be the perfect evening to spend in the cozy Indy Hostel to hear four amazing musicians. And it's an early show for those of us that are adjusting to working every morning!

Whiskey Breath
The Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave
Thursday, May 12 (tonight)

If you've never been to a house concert this is the absolutely best way to see music. It's like having the musicians playing on your sofa. Mary Lee Pappas from NUVO describes the Hostel and the Whiskey Breath Travelers much better than I can. Read her review below.
I'll see you tonight!
Whiskey Breath Travelers (Mary Lee Pappas)
The WhiskeyBreath Travelers are an interchangeable collective of New York based musicians who hit the open road performing each other’s songs like it’s the only thing they want and know how to do. It’s a rotating cast, so there’s an element of surprise with variations on familiar songs and an element of improv that matches the mood.
Decisions are made in the moment like who gets to play what
instrument during what song and what song should be done next, all without skipping a beat and all done to enhance the performance. It’s a unique, soulful, thoughtful, musical venture.
This incarnation of the Whiskey Breath Travelers features two new
faces not seen or heard last March at their Radio Radio and Indy
Hostel shows. John Oszajca and Tom Rhodes join this NYC East Village ensemble of mix-and-match singer-songwriters for a whopping three performances this week. Liz Clark and Rick Royale are two faces that Start your flow chart! Gone for the moment are WB cast member and co-founder, Alex Lowry, who performed at Radio Radio last Saturday Indianapolis with singer-songwriter pals he met at the Midwest Music Summit last year Dave Golden, Shelley Miller and Kara Kulpa on May 31 at Vic’s Acoustic CafĂ© for an 8 p.m. show and again on June 3 at the Harrison Center for the Arts “Underground” QueenBee Music Series; and Tessa Perry.
It would be remiss to miss out on seeing these WB team musicians who
are stand-alone talents with their own individual musical careers,
albums and/or bands back home. Tonight, WB will be opening for Bob
Schneider and Band at Music Mill at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7p.m. and
tickets are $16. Thursday, May 12, 8 p.m. they will be offering an
all ages show at Indy Hostel (www.indyhostel.us), an intimate, homey, venue where a true sense of their talent and sentiment, of both craft and delivery, can be assessed and enjoyed. And, you hang out with them too boot. Advance sale tickets are $8 and available by visiting www.WhiskeyBreath.com. Tickets are $10 at show. Saturday, May 14, they open for local piano-rocker Jon McLaughlin at Radio Radio. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Tad Armstrong and Jason Harrod

Good Morning Sweetpeas,

A great night of music this Friday at the Harrison Center Underground.
(check out this David Lindquist piece on out of the way venues--music venues prove themselves worthy).

Tad Armstrong
Jason Harrod
Friday, May 6th
Harrison Center Underground
1505 N. Delaware
free, all ages, smoke-free

As you all know, TAD ARMSTRONG is on my short list (really short--four) of favorite singer/songwriters. His songs are intelligent, thoughtful and clever. And his voice is amazing. You should never miss a chance to hear Tad perform.
North Carolina's Jason Harrod draws from the best traditions of American music to create a sound all his own. He sings in a rich, brooding tenor underscored by his inventive guitar work. He sings about lost love, found joys, and spiritual longing.

Please come to the Harrison early and check out the art show. All of the art is priced at $100. A terrific and inexpensive way to add to your art collection.

After Tad and Jason...and only after the music ends you can go see ArtvsArt in Fountian Square (you'll get there just in time for the exciting part!)