Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nora at The Old Crow Medicine Show - A Review

Music lovers and scene-makers alike were on hand Thursday night at the Music Mill to check out the wunderkind aggregation du jour, the Old Crow Medicine Show. A bursting-with-energy group of rough hewn but musically savvy guys from the South descended on Indy with original tunes from their most recent CD, played at breathtaking tempi in full voice from the first note. However, this reviewer found himself distracted from the driving sounds and mountain hollers of the Crows by a concomitant weather phenomenon that happened to be blowing through the Music Mill that night creating a side-show all her own. Of course I'm referring to Hurricane Nora, the eponymous cult leader of the site you are currently visiting and a force of nature unto herself. The whole Queenbee thing suddenly made sense as your humble reviewer noted that by evening's end there wasn't a stranger in the house, while a certain ambience of connectedness and community descended over the scene, fashioned out of thin air from the available resources at hand, i.e. that evening's crowd. All in all her energy and enthusiasm for the music was even more awe inspiring than the music itself, sort of like the play-within-a-play from Hamlet, and all for one low, low admission price - who could beat it?!

-Tom Waldo

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