Friday, April 1, 2005

April Goodness

Hello April Fools*,

You can tell it's Springtime, the daffodils are blooming and musicians are out touring!

Thanks to Mary Lee Pappas for the great review of the Whiskey Breath Travelers at the Indy Hostel. Check it out in the current NUVO. NYC singers deliver great show.

l. 3 Chicago+1 Louisville=Amazing Show, Friday (4/1), 8 pm Abbey
ll. Sign up on Queen Bee

l. danny flanigan
Shelley Miller
Dave Golden
Samantha Twigg Johnson
Friday, April 1
9 pm
Abbey Coffeehouse
825 N. Pennsylvania Street

This is a "dream team" show. I could wear you out with all of the great stuff I could say about these folks, so I'll keep it to a sentence (or so) each about them.
+Louisville's danny flanigan is one of my all time favorites. I know the words to all of his songs. If I'm stuck on a desert island I'd want him (and his guitar) there.
+When Chicago's Shelly Miller heard that CATH was closing she made a special trip to Indianapolis to give me a hug, candy and a cool-ass purse that looks like a puppy. Check out the review of her Midwest Music Show at CATH. / MMS ’04 in review
+Dave Golden also played at the MMS last summer. One of the great stories...he met Shelly and Samantha at CATH and the rest is history.
+Samantha Twigg Johnson played at CATH and stayed at my house during MMS 2004. She's amazing and talented. I can't wait to see/hear her again.

ll. Queen Bee Music

Please check out the website and sign up. I'd like to send out the updates from there and get rid of this bulky e-mail list.

*and the April Fool greeting is typed with love!
I hope to see you at the Abbey!

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