Thursday, October 6, 2005

1970's Bands, 1920's Bungalows, Food Rescue and Susan Cowsill

Hello Pumpkins!
I'm excited about the change in the weather,a whole new season of clothes and I can start hiding my pasty legs in tights and boots.
There is lots of cool stuff going on around town!
l. Gathering of the Bands of the 1970?s- this Thursday 10/6
ll. BRVA Bungalow Tour--Saturday 10/8
lll. Second Helpings Harvest Event--10/14
lV. Susan Cowsill?Saturday 10/15

l. Gathering of the Band of the 1970?s
Thursday, October 6th
7 pm (doors 6:45)
The Vogue

This promises to be a blast! And, an early show, for those of us that were actually around in the 1970's. It will feel odd seeing these bands without sweating through the Vogue security without a fake id! The show is presented by the North Central High School Alumni Association (Kent Baker!) and benefits a college bound NCHS graduate studying for a degree in the arts.
The lineup includes The Wright Brothers, The Late Show--who have not played a gig in fifteen years, but sounded great on the radio this week, and the Roundups.
I?ll be the one selling posters and CD?s after 10:00. Wheee!

ll. The Historic Bungalows of Broad Ripple Tour
Saturday, October 8th
(advance tickets available Old National Bank)
children under 10 free admission

The homes on the tour are 6021, 6023, 6131, and 6170 Carrollton, 6202 Haverford, 6174 and 6178 Norwaldo, 5944 and 6040 Evanston. You'll find me working at 5944 Evanston, and that's the suggested starting place. For more information, call 251.BRVA.

lll. Second Helpings Harvest Event
Friday, October 14th
7-10 pm
The Murat Egyptian Room

As you may know, I now work for the wonderful not-for-profit agency, Second Helpings. I'm the Director of Volunteers. It is the perfect job for me. It actually combines my education, experience and passion. We send out 2800 meals a day all made with rescued food; prepared and delivered by volunteers. Harvest is a great fundraiser for us. Olinger Wines donates the fabulous wine, and terrific topnotch chefs prepare their specialties. You get to wander for three hours eating and drinking. What could be better than that?
And with everyone's generosity to the victims of the hurricanes, the local charities tend to be forgotten, so we're happy to have this great event scheduled.
I love to show off Second Helpings. It is truly an amazing place. Let me know if you'd like a tour and to join us for lunch or, even better if you would like to volunteer!

lV. Susan Cowsill
Friday, October 15th
The Patio

But, speaking of Hurricane victims,our friend Susan Cowsill has been displaced, and she has some great friends and fans in Indianapolis. I'll give you more details of this show soon. I do know that the fabulous Amy Lashley Band will be performing.

Thanks for your support of independent music and good stuff!

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