Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Prodigals

The Prodigals

Tuesday, June 28 2005 @ 09:56 AM EDT
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Hello Lovelies!
I'm taking the water conservation suggestion very seriously, but the lure of the sprinkler sure is tempting. I finally broke down Sunday and put the window air-conditioners in. Why didn't I do that sooner?
I'm very excited about the Irish band, The Prodigals on Saturday. I saw them in Cleveland in March, and it was well worth the drive. A friend of mine is bringing them to town, and we want to make sure they've got a great audience. It's a holiday weekend...you'll have an extra day to recover from the dancing and Guinness! And a special bonus, just for you...have dinner with the band. Come at 8:00, bring five bucks and picnic with the band.
l. The Prodigals, Radio Radio, Saturday, July 2 10 pm
ll. Kit Malone &Victoria Vox, Locals Only, Wednesday, June 29th
lll. Tad Armstrong &David England, Upper Room, Friday, July 1 9:30

l. The Prodigals
Radio Radio
1119 E. Prospect St
picnic with the band 8:00 $5.00
show time 10:00

The best description I've heard of this band...or of any band, come to think of it...is JIG PUNK . I was actually dancing...maybe 'cause I could bring out those old punk rock moves. These guys are very high energy and they put on a great show. And if you've got a special fascination with the accordion you can't miss this show. You can buy advance sale tickets at Future Shock and Borders downtown. I've also got a few tickets to sell, if you'd like to contact me.

opps, I've run out of time to tell you about the other shows...I've got an early meeting...Uggghh....


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