Saturday, October 1, 2005

Stasia Demos, Tim Brickley and Halloween Candy

Hello Butternut Squash,
I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween...and some candy leftovers. I've got lots of stray candy hanging around. I was sick on Halloween and kept the lights off, so I wouldn't give any of the kids my cooties. I love having good/wacky candy to pass out. I've got tons of PEZ dispensers, wax lips, and chocolate eye balls on my coffee table. Don't get too close to may find your pockets filled with gummy fingers.

Be sure and pick up a current copy of The Broad Ripple Gazette. Alan Hague is very kindly letting me write a column for this bi-weekly newspaper. Titled of course, Buzzing Around Town. With a fine Josh Johnson character of me...I was very nervous about that part. I never like how I photograph, and I figured if someone were to exaggerate those features that make me uncomfortable...well, it could only be bad news! But, it's quite fun.
l. Stasia Demos, this Friday, 11/4 The Harrison Center
ll. Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts, also this Friday, Phoenix Theatre
I'll see you then, and I promise I'll not be spreading any germs,

l. Stasia Demos
Friday, November 4
The Harrison Center
16th and Delaware
8 pm
all ages and nonsmoking

The lovely Stasia will be playing in support of Kyle Ragsdale's gallery opening. Kyle's show is titled Sweet Spot, and is in conjunction with the Spirit and Place Festival. Stasia's show will begin at 8:00 and she may be joined by a special guest or two. Humm, Sweet Spot...sweet Stasia...I'm seeing a chance to rid myself of some sweet Halloween candy!

ll. Tim Brickley and The Bleeding Hearts
Friday, November 4th
10 pm
The Phoenix Theatre
749 N. Park Ave

Tim Brickley is celebrating the debut of his latest album, Everything that ever was. This is a special one-time show. Tim and The Bleeding Hearts will be playing on the stage of the Urinetown production. I wonder if they'll roll out the faux pay toilets?
The bar will be open in the brand spanking newly remolded Basile Theatre.
You might want to buy a ticket to this show now, I hear they've sold quite a few already.
This should be a fun and unique chance to see Tim Brickley and The Bleeding Hearts. I can't wait!

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