Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Greg Brown this Saturday at the Music Mill

Good Morning,
It's a great foggy morning. The kind where you dart into the yard in wearing your bathrobe to get the newspaper, and you know your neighbors won't see you.
Our friends at the Music Mill are bringing another great show to our town. And, there will be seats for everyone!

Greg Brown
The Music Mill - 317.841.1850
this Saturday
September 24
8:00pm/door 7:00

Greg is a regular on Prairie Home Companion. He's a prolific songwriter, and has worked with the best of the best. Please check out his website for a rundown of his career and fascinating family tree. Greg is married to one of my favortie musicians. The first person to e-mail me with her name will win two tickets to the show.
Have fun!
Click here: Greg Brown Web Site

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thank-you! Thank-you!

A heartfelt thank-you to all who attended the Susan Cowsill benefit Labor Day weekend. Susan and her family left town with $3500 to help them on their journey. Susan and Russ say it has made a huge difference to them already, and they can’t imagine how they would have managed with out it. Wheee!

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Amy Speace/Trina Hamlin House Concert Tuesday

Good Morning Darlings,
I'm very excited about the first concert in the Indy Hostel/QueenBee Autumn Series. If you've never been to a House Concert or a show at the Hostel, you're missing the best way to experience music. Picture sitting on your sofa and having great music performed just a few feet away...that's exactly what it's like, only you're sitting on John's sofa (and he has several)! There will be snacks and assorted beverages.

Amy Speace Trina Hamlin Indy Hostel 4903 Winthrop Ave Winthrop is three blocks east of College Ave you can park next the Hostel right off of 49th Street Tuesday, September 13th 8:00 pm we'll be passing the hat...please give generously
Amy Speace was one of the first people to play at CATH--and sleep on my sofa (you can read about it 10/27/2001 InnerSpeace ). I totally fell in love with her and her music. She's big time the last year she's won numerous songwriting awards, has done a residency in Nashville, and been featured in the Epiphone guitar calendar. Her new CD is coming out next month, I've heard a few tracks and it will be terrific. I got a chance to see her in January at NYC's famed The Bitter End . The Village Club is the same age as I am...and they tout themselves as NYC's oldest rock club. I choose not to dwell on that, bought a tee shirt and enjoyed the music. Amy is touring with her long time drummer, Jagoda. He's a fine musician in his own right...and one of my cat's namesakes.

Having Trina Hamlin join the line-up is icing of the cake! Her terrific voice and powerful presence have gained her a national following since she began playing solo shows on the downtown New York City club scene. She was chosen as one of the "Most Wanted New Artists" at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and as an alumnus of the Newport Folk Festival. She has performed on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien! I hope to see you next Tuesday. Please e-mail me with any questions. Wheeee! Nora

Friday, September 2, 2005

New Orleans' Susan Cowsill - this Sunday

Good Morning Good People, We've all be shocked and sickened by the scenes from Mississippi and New Orleans. Susan Cowsill in one of the thousands of displaced people. She's been touring with Otis Gibbs this week and has headed to Indianapolis to wait out the madness. There is a great show planned in our amazing friend Tim Cohn's backyard. No cover charge, just taking donations for Susan and her family. This Sunday, September 4th 6 pm Tim's backyard--4715 Carrollton Ave 250.7300 Susan Cowsill Otis Gibbs Tad Armstrong Stasia Demos David England Some background -- Susan spent her famed childhood with the Cowsills, ten years with the Continental Drifters she is finally touring solo. The rest of the lineup is chock full of my favorite people. Otis Gibbs is literally just back in town from a residency in Nashville. Bloomington's David England is an amazing songwriter and singer. If I could only hear one singer for the rest of my life I'd choose Tad Armstrong...and he's a terrific songwriter to boot! They will be joined by the equally fabulous Stasia Demos. Call Tim Cohn for more details 317.250.7300 Do good things, Nora