Friday, May 2, 2014

Broad Ripple Gazette vol 11 number 10

First published in the Broad Ripple Gazette

Indiana State Fair Coliseum

Weeks ago I was thrilled to see the old Indiana State Fair sign hoisted to the top of the building replacing the Pepsi Coliseum neon (nothing against Pepsi – this column is fueled by diet Pepsi and popcorn) and I couldn't wait for the chance to peek inside the building.
I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the newly remodeled Coliseum a few days before the public opening and it is grand!  I tend to be suspicious of change and couldn’t imagine how the 75 year-old could be made better. I was wrong.

I was counting the hours until the open house for the folks that had worked on the building. While I didn't swing a hammer or run any wire, I do know the guys who installed the beer lines (yes, beer!) so I tagged along as their guest. I was so excited that I arrived before event started. You can ask the editor of this fine paper or any of my three employers – I’m never early for anything.  Ever.

 Wooden seats salvaged from the old Coliseum. 

The renovated Coliseum looks great, with several nods to the old building including a section of the original wooden seats, photographs from old concerts (Beatles!) and the brass deco ticket windows. I did my best to open all of the doors, sit as many places as I could – including the ice hockey penalty box and drink out of every water fountain. 

All I'm missing is the sash and crown! 

Speaking of drinking, I had a delicious locally brewed beer from Outliers. It would have been rude to not test the beer lines after all of Spencer and Schaun’s hard work, although I think they were pretending like they didn't know me when I walked down the runway like I’d just been crowned Miss Indiana State Fair. For the record, that was pre-beer sampling.

The Coliseum Concert Series at the Indiana State Fair has been announced:

-Lynyrd Skynyrd with special guests Jamey Johnson and Drake White and the Big Fire - July 31 at 7:30; $26, $36 and $60.50

-Robin Thicke with special guest Estelle - Aug. 1 at 8 p.m.; $35, $45 and $75

-Phillip Phillips - Aug. 5 at 8 p.m.; $25 and $35

-American Idol Live! 2014 Tour – Aug. 6 at 7:30 p.m.; $25, $39.50 and $59.50

-Pitbull - Aug. 8 at 8 p.m.; $35, $45 and $75

-Hunter Hayes - Aug. 9 at 8 p.m.; $35 and $45

-Jim Gaffigan - Aug. 17 at 8 p.m.; $25, $35 and $45

For more information, contact the Fairgrounds Coliseum Box Office at (317) 927-7601 or visit

Mark Buselli Quintet CD release show
Sunday, May 4, 2014
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 N. College Ave
21+, 5:00 – 9:00 PM, $12

Mark Buselli is celebrating the release of his newest album, Untold Stories. He as recorded several records with his orchestra over the last decade, but this is his first with the quintet in a few years. The record has six of his original songs and his take on Duke Ellington’s “Angelica.” I especially loved the song, “Claude” a tribute to the late Claude Sifferlen, Mark’s long-time collaborator and Indianapolis jazz piano legend. The record features Mark playing trumpet, saxophonist Danny Walsh, pianist Steve Allee, bassist Jeremy and drummer Steve Houghton.  

I have to share this review of the album by Chris Spector, Midwest Records: The unique thing this trumpeter brings to the bandstand is that he sounds like he could have been a student of Miles but he isn’t trying to ape Miles. What a cool fine line to be able to tread. One of those cats with a day job as an educator that doesn’t let the classroom interfere with his ability to swing, this is a sweet, straight ahead listening date that knows you want to groove even if you are sitting down. Well played throughout, this well decorated cat within the halls of academe is well deserving of some more love from the real world. Time to show this cat what Valentine’s Day feels like.

I need to start writing jazz reviews so I can throw around descriptions like “cats” and “ape” and “groove.” 

Broad Ripple Village Gallery Tour
Friday, May 9, 2014
Various Venues
free, all-ages, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

This year’s Spring Gallery Tour features 20 venues filled with art and goodness. Start at the Broad Ripple Fire Station (6330 Guilford Avenue) to get your official map with the galleries and the artists they are featuring. Here is a sampling:  

Fine Estate Art – Gallery Two (5914 N. College Ave). Gallery Two is a brand new gallery space and is an extension of Fine Estate Art. The work in the new space features nine Indiana and regional artists.

Broad Ripple Magnet High School (1115 E. Broad Ripple Avenue). The works of middle school and high school students will be on display. And being in a school when you’re not required to be is extra fun!

Flanner and Buchannan Funeral Centers (1305 Broad Ripple Avenue). First of all pop in to thank them for being the sponsor of the Gallery Tour. Secondly, check out the work of painter John Reynolds work of farm animals. And thirdly, just like high school – it’s a great place to visit when you’re not required to be there!

VSA Indiana (924 E. Westfield Boulevard). The students of Very Special Arts have been making beautiful items for the Gallery Tours for years – I have a great collection of flower pots, candle holders, tiles, and bowls purchased though participating merchants. Their Urban Artisans interns work will be featured in this show.

The Bungalow (924 E. Westfield Boulevard). Artist Phil O’Malley’s bold work will be featured.

Marigold Clothing (6512 Cornell Avenue). The late-nature photographer Bill Brink’s work in the form of prints and notecards will be on sale to benefit his namesake memorial garden along the Monon Trail. Indianapolis jewelry artist Suzanne Bowles will be in the store with her one-of-a-kind textured pieces.

Broad Ripple Knits (6510 Cornell Avenue). The shop will be showing off their new space and yummy yarns.

Editions Limited Gallery of Fine Art (838 E. 65th Street). Editions Limited is hosting their annual group show, titled Fresh From the Studio.

Ashland Gallery & Stu’s Studio (6537 N. Carrollton Avenue). The Gallery is featuring the self-portrait of photography of local artists and photographers including Michelle Merle Pace, Erin Huber, Benaiah Cusak.

Indianapolis Art Center (820 E 67th Street). The Art Center is hosting their biennial Art from the Heartland exhibition, featuring work from some of the Midwest’s most exciting artists.

Before or after you visit all 20 galleries – you can do it, I just know it – please pop into the restaurant sponsors, Ambrosia (5909 N. College Avenue) and Corner Wine Bar (6331 Guilford Avenue) and thank them.