Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cottage Home, Susan Cowsill and Future Fun

Hello Chrysanthemums,

As always, I?ve got your weekend planned?

l. Cottage Home Block Party, this Saturday, 3-11
ll. Susan Cowsill and a gang of swell people, this Saturday, 9-ish, The Patio
lll. Sam Shaber, Friday, October 21, 8 pm, Indy Hostel
lV. Middletown, Friday, October 21, 10-ish, The Upper Room

l. Cottage Home Block Party
Saturday, October 15
at the intersection of Saint Clair and Dorman Streets

You don?t need to be a Cottage Home resident to attend?as Tim Harmon says, ?you just need five bucks?
The day kicks off with the Renovators Relay which pits local businesses and neighborhoods against one another in a race of speed and skill to race belt sanders, hang wallpaper, glaze a window, and rebuild a brick wall. The winning team will claim the traveling trophy and bragger's rights. Tim and Avi?s Salvage sponsor the relay---and yes they?re still open! The party includes such fun and diversity as the Drum Circle, food, swell drinks, and music by Travis Brant, Stasia Demos, Throughbeingcool, and Uncle Juju. Dancing in the streets is promised!
Some of the coolest people I know live in the Cottage Home neighborhood?Evan and Grace, Tim, Maribeth and Avi, Jenny and Ed, Brian and Melissa?you couldn?t find better people to spend a Saturday with.
For more information visit

ll. Susan Cowsill
Otis Gibbs
Amy Lashley
Tad Armstrong
Saturday, October 15
The Patio
9 pm
cash donation

As you may know, New Orleans singer/songwriter Susan Cowsill has experienced some incredible and awful things in the past month. She lost her home and possessions when Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown. In recent weeks she and other family members have appeared on television in an effort to locate Susan?s brother and fellow musician Barry Cowsill, who remains missing since Katrina.
There was a benefit for Susan and her family Labor Day weekend in Tim and Taryn?s backyard, which was an amazing show. The performers are reuniting to again support Susan musically and financially.
I?m not sure of the order of the musicians, but the music should start around 9:00, and Susan is slated to play at 10:30. There is no cover, but we?re asking for a cash donation?and all of the money will go to Susan.

lll.Sam Shaber
Friday, October 21
8 pm
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave

NYC singer and songwriter, Sam Shaber will be performing at the Indy Hostel. I always credit Sam with marking CATH as a stop on the underground railroad of touring musicians. The Hostel is a great place to see a show; it?s like sitting in your own living room with the musician playing a few feet from you. It?s also a great non-smoking, all ages listening room. For more information go to

lV. Middletown
Friday, October 21
10 pm
The Upper Room
(above the Broad Ripple Steak House)

The amazing guitar player Aaron Stroup, based in Austin and working in a New Orleans relief kitchen for the last six weeks is taking a break to reunite with band mates, Tad Armstrong and Stasia Demos. The Upper Room is above the Broad Ripple Steak House and features terrific martinis and warm hospitality. I?ve said it before, and I?ll say it again?.if I could just listen to one singer for the rest of my life, it would be Tad Armstrong. Come out and congratulate Tad on his great Chicago Marathon run, giggle with Stasia and coo over pictures of Silas, and drink some whiskey with Aaron. All three of the Middletowners are terrific songwriters. See for more information.

I?ll see you out and about!

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