Friday, December 17, 2010

Broad Ripple Gazette vol. 7, no 25

Enjoy the holiday season – and remember that independent music makes a great gift. Buy a CD, take in a concert, download a tune. It’s good for the winter blahs!

I did venture outside of our great neighborhood a couple of times last year to see music. I’m veering off course for this edition to tell you about them.

Kid Rock and Bon Jovi
July 30, 2010
Soldier Field, Chicago

Thanks to the generosity of CATH customer and music fan, Carla Proffitt and her brother, I got to attend a big rock show in the big city! It was one of those last minute plans that worked out wonderfully.
I’d never been to Solider Field and it was packed. This is one of the biggest shows I’ve ever seen and the crowd was huge - attendance hovered at 55,000. While I was excited to go to a show and kick around Chicago, I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy it!

We didn’t realize that Kid Rock was opening until we were on the road. I must admit the only things I knew about him was that he and Pamela Anderson jumped off of a yacht to celebrate their (short-lived) wedding vows, he was on the Bob & Tom Show and he’d had a #1 hit with, “All Summer Long.”
What I didn’t realize is how much I’d love his show! It was big goofy, giggling, sing-along fun. Kid Rock said something that I’ve known my whole life, but it was great to be reminded of, “blowing someone else’s candle out will not make yours burn any brighter.” I’ve been extra-mindful of that ever since. 

Bon Jovi was just as great and fun – who knew that I knew so many Bon Jovi songs?  I guess living in South Jersey for five years rubbed off a bit. It was a great night – the weather was perfect, it was fun to let my hair down and dance along we were able to walk back to the hotel. That’s how a hot summer night should be spent! 

Ryan Bingham
October 15, 2010
Austin City Limits Festival
Austin, Texas

Ever since I saw Ryan Bingham play at Birdy’s four years ago, I’ve been a big fan. Two years ago I got to stand on the stage of Ryan's ACLF set – which is almost as cool as standing in front of the stage at Birdy’s.. When he won a Grammy for "The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart)," this year I actually jumped up and down on my bed in excitement.

My friend Aaron Stroup thinks that my (very appropriate, proud, aunt-like) love of Ryan is a little obsessive and I have no idea what he’s talking about...the fact that I managed to snap about six zillion during my ten minutes in the photo pit means nothing. Really. 

Gogol Bordello
October 16, 2010
Austin City Limits Festival
Austin, Texas

Wow! I had no idea what to expect from Gogol Bordello, but kept hearing the buzz about them all over the festival. The crowd waiting to see them was fired up! The band is good old -fashioned dance-y world music gypsy punk fun. I was sorry to miss their show at the Vogue a few weeks later, but I hear they were just as fabulous!

Norah Jones
October 17, 2010
Austin City Limits Festival
Austin, Texas

I've been a fan of Norah Jones since her first record in 2001. There aren't many women named Nora/Norah between the ages of eight months and 88 years old. The beautiful and talented Norah Jones blew a lot of old lady dust off of the name.

I had a photo pass for the festival, which meant that I could stand in photo pit in front of the stage for the first three songs. I will admit that I closed my eyes while I was waiting for the show to start and pretending like the thousands of people chanting, "Norah, Norah, Norah" were calling for me. Pathetic, but true!

I saw Norah play right before Middletown at the Jazz Fest several years ago. She seems to have found her voice and style. Her set was amazing and her band was terrific. She does the name proud!

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