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Broad Ripple Gazette, vol 6. no 9

first published in the Broad Ripple Gazette

After three and a half years I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and put the reviews first. We can all adjust, right?


Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market
Beginning Saturday, May 2, 2009
1115 Broad Ripple Avenue
(behind Broad Ripple High School)
8:00 – noon

It’s springtime and the farmers’ market is back! Yippee! I had the honor of booking the musicians for season. These talented folks are donating their (early-morning) time. Be sure and stop by and tell them hello.

May 2 – Cara Jean Wahlers
May 9 -- Caleb Hawkins
May 16 – Gamblin’ Rovers

Adrienne Anemone, Dave End, Jordan O'Jordan
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Indy Hostel House Concert Series
4903 Winthrop Ave
7:30, all-ages, $5.

The Indy Hostel House Concert Series is in full swing. The Indy Hostel is a wonderful place to see music; intimate and comfortable. They host singer-songwriters from all over the world. This edition features: Adrienne Ameone, who hails from Brooklyn, Dave End from NYC and Philadelphia and Jordan O’Jordan from Olympia, Washington. This promises to be a great evening of folk music.

God Made Robots, Sick of Sarah, Von Iva
Sunday, May 3, 2009, 8:00 pm,
Birdy’s Bar and Grill
2131 E 71st St
(317) 254-8971
8:00, 21+, $6.

When you see a band in a movie do you wonder who the musicians are? I do. And you have a chance to see one of those movie bands up close. Von Iva, the San Francisco all-woman trio plays the band that fronts Zooey Deschanel in the film Yes Man with Jim Carrey is leaving the bright lights of Hollywood behind for a jaunt to the Midwest.

Touring with Von Iva, all-woman band Sick of Sarah, hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are known for their thoughtful and humorous songs.

Indianapolis based, God Made Robots opens the show. They are not an all-woman band, but they have Sarah Jane Mills, and she’s worth at least three women.

I love the gallery tour. Broad Ripple is chock-full of art on a typical day and nontraditional venues also open their doors to artists for the gallery tour. All of the gallery sites are fairly walk-able, but there is a free shuttle circulating the route all evening. Just look for the shuttle stop signs along the tour.

The art offerings range from ModUrn – durable ceramic urns for your loved one’s, you know, spirit at Demerly Architects to vintage Indiana art work at Fine Estate Art & Rugs. The artwork includes pieces by T.C. Steele, Frank Hohenberger, William Forsyth, Leota Loop and several other well-collected Hoosier artists.

If you have not had a chance to check out the new digs of Big Hat Books and Marigold now is your chance. Big Hat is hosting several artists including one of my favorites, ceramicist Mary Jo DeMeyer. Marigold is hosting jewelry-making sisters from New York, Julie Tought and Lisa Valentine. And, this just in – I’ll be working at Marigold that evening. Stop by and say hello.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the new works from VSA. They have created special edition ceramic bowls and trivets for the Gallery Tour. They will be on sale at nine of the tour locations.

For more information visit or grab a brochure from almost anywhere in village.

Brooks Ritter, Lovely Houses, Cara Luft
Friday, May 8, 2009
Indy Hostel House Concert Series
4903 Winthrop Ave
7:30, all-ages, $7.

Locally acclaimed Lovely Houses is led by David Campbell. Cliff Snyder says, “He's got an amazing vocal range, uses dynamics like you wouldn't believe, and has some lyrics that you'll chew on long after the show."

Lousiville’s Brooks Ritter plays original rock, folk and soul.

Winnapeg’s Cara Luft, of the Wallin’ Jennys, is a nationally recognized musician. A powerfully elegant guitarist, Cara also plays mandolin and banjo. And she’s a damn good storyteller.

Indianapolis Songwriters Café
Saturday, May 16, 2009
Earth House
237 N. East Street

Since the Indianapolis Songwriters Café lost their home when Boulevard Place Café closed a few months ago the series has been floating around. Host Cliff Snyder is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the café with a special Saturday night show.

Joe Welch (Born Again Floozies), Cara Jean Wahlers and Linda McRae will be playing in the round, trading songs and stories. Joe and Cara are Indianapolis based, and Linda is from Canada. Joe is the man behind the charmingly quirky band, The Born Again Floozies. Cara Jean Wahlers is putting the finishing touches on her first solo album as you read this and Linda McRae’s bio list so many songwriting awards it makes my head spin.

I had the task of choosing the top five events in the singer-songwriter folk realm for 2008 for NUVO. I had no trouble coming up with the number one thing: Indianapolis Songwriters Café. I hope you get a chance to soak in the good music and congratulate Cliff on a year of great music.

Extreme Makeover Viewing Party
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Locals Only
2449 East 56th Street

I’m really looking forward to the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. As you might know the home is in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood in Indianapolis – it was all I could talk about for two weeks. I’ll have more details in the next issue of the Gazette, but mark your calendars.

Dyngus Day
Monday, April 13, 2009
Chatterbox Jazz Club

Dyngus Day, or Easter Monday is also called Wet Monday in honor of the water based pranks that are traditionally pulled off on that day. My dear South Bend-born brother-in-law Ron Trojanowski introduced our family to the holiday. And David Andrichik of the Chatterbox gives us a place to celebrate.

Rain or shine, David cooks kielbasa on the grill and the band, Polkamotion has people dancing in the street. The Chatterbox used to be the point of departure for newspaper folks covering the political festivities in South Bend. Eventually the party just stayed at the Chatterbox.

Polkamotion has played at the Chatterbox every Dyngus Day for the last twenty years. Robert Klemen and Fred Riffel have been playing together just as long. Jeff Strayer and Joe Petruzzi are the “new guys” in the band.

And the Chatterbox is the only bar the band ever plays in (you can next catch them at Holy Rosary Church’s festival on June 12 and 13). The band is big polka fun – instead of a line of guitars on the stage there were two kinds of accordions. na zdrowie!

The most bizarre thing that happened that evening? I joined a bowling league. I blame the kielbasa. I’m a Chatterbowler! I’m having a blast (just don’t ask me what my average is)!

Record Store Day
Saturday, April 18, 2009
LUNA Music

My sweet little sister Ann was visiting from Phoenix, and I had a lovely lunch with her and sister Beth in Zionsville so I missed most of the Record Store Day festivities. From everything I heard it was a roaring success. I did have time to drop off a skirt at LUNA to have the logo silk screened on. It was not ready until after I started my shift so I snuck out for a minute to grab the skirt and change on the street in front of the store. Those old gym class tricks still come in handy.

I look forward to Record Store Day next year.

Cousin Roger
Friday, April 24, 2009
Ale Emporium
8617 Allisonville Road

Cousin Roger is one of those bands that I’ve had on my radar for quite a while, but had not had a chance to see. The stars aligned and my friend, Novella Nedeff and I headed north. We had a great time. And I always love looking at the photographs after Novella and I hang out. Novella attracts the most interesting people.

The Ale Emporium has been known for their amazing beer selection for a long time – in fact, they’ve been around since I turned 21. They opened up the back room last year for music. There is a great stage and plenty of tables, great service and room to dance.

Cousin Roger, ironically does not have a Roger in the bunch, but they do have a whole bunch of Jasons and one Mark on the roster. Vocalist-guitar player Jason Brown and drummer Jason Stahl played in the wildly popular band, Push Down and Turn. They joined keyboard player Jason Barth and bass player Mark Bertram to form Cousin Roger three years ago. They mesh perfectly and were a joy to watch. It’s a pleasure to see a band having fun on stage.

They play a great mix of songs you love and songs you forgot that you fell in love to. Jason Brown has great range and Mark Bertram adds beautiful harmonies and one of my favorite things – mandolin to some songs. They had people dancing almost all night.

I look forward to seeing them again.

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