Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broad Ripple Gazette, vol 6. no 8

first published in the Broad Ripple Gazette. 

Savvy Bazaar
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Savvy Salon

I followed the Twitter tweets to the Savvy Bazaar. The Savvy Saloon turned their space over to local crafters and vintage clothing folks for the day. They set up their wares bazaar style all over the salon. Shoppers were encouraged to barter (which totally freaks me out and I never do) and wander from booth to booth. I think I bought something at almost every booth and if I had a pierced navel I probably would have. I scored funky earrings, popcorn bowls, a Shrinky Dinks ring and a rockin’ winter coat. The salon’s Katie Jones says they are planning another bazaar in May.

Whenever I write about a hair salon I feel like I should give a shout-out to my fabulous hair guy, Michael Matthews from Shampoo salon. He’s the guy who gives me the hairstyle that goes from my nonprofit job to a rock club with the wink of a brush.

What is Twitter you ask? It is a new media Web site where you can post stories that are 140 characters or less. I think it’s a blast. Here is how Rusty Redenbacher describes Twitter (in 117 characters): A status bar on a two-way pager that the world can see and comment on. Great for linking and networking. To follow Rusty on Twitter - @rustymk2. You can find me @noraleona.

Wendy Reed Band
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Sullivan’s Steak House

I’m the first one to admit that I don’t often wander out of the neighborhood. It usually takes my sweet niece and nephew to get me north of Broad Ripple Avenue. I don’t know why – I guess I’m afraid of doing something stupid.

Which is exactly what happened. I bypassed the valet parking, I know – it’s free. I just feel a little weird about asking someone else to park my 2001 S-10 manual transmission dented pickup truck. So I parked it myself. Tossed the keys in my purse, locked the door and slung the purse over my shoulder. Halfway to the door I realized that it was not my purse over my shoulder, but my camera. H-E-double hockey sticks. Back at the truck I noticed that my window was down I few inches. Bingo – one wire hanger and I’d be back in business, the beauty of non-power locks. I talked to the nice valet man who searched to for a hanger, but what self respecting coat checkroom uses wire hangers? So the lovely hostesses called the mall security, who unlocked it for me. Moral of the story: swanky places can easily get you out of a jam.

By the time I actually walked to the lounge the party was in full swing. Wendy Reed and her fabulous band play every Wednesday, but this one was extra special – it was Wendy’s birthday. If you’ve spent any time around Wendy you know she makes everything a blast. Wendy has an amazing voice and an equally talented band. They played smokin’ jazz standards that show off Wendy’s marvelous talent and make you feel posh and glamorous.

I’m planning on going back soon, and I will take advantage of the valet parking. I’m going to wind up tipping the guy anyway. 

House Cats
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since I was already having an out-of-my-element night I drove across 86th Street to LuLu’s. Guitar-playing friend Wade Terry plays every Wednesday with the House Cats and I’ve neglected to check it out before now.

I knew that Wade was a good guitar player, but I had no idea how great he is. Holy crap! All of the musicians in the House Cats are excellent; I can see why they pack the house. They played danceable sing-along rock favorites. I look forward to going back to LuLu’s, anyone want to join me?

Deep Cricket Night
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Melody Inn

I forgot to go to this show! I’m so mad at myself. I’d been looking forward to it for so long that I totally spaced it. In fact I was lamenting that night that I had not heard much music in the last two weeks. I worked late that night and was too tuckered out to think beyond a delicious grilled cheese with tomato (thanks Lana!) and a fake beer (thanks Robin!) at the Red Key.

Deep Cricket Night’s record, Before Morning is one of three CDs in heavy rotation on my player at work (Mysteries of Life and Shelby Kelley are the other two, in case you’re wondering). Lance Drake handed me the record last summer after they played at Indy Hostel. It floated around my purse, truck and house for months before I finally popped it in the player. I’m the worst CD reviewer, ever! Anyway, I’m really enjoying the record. It is a nicely balanced mix of the instruments and vocals. Before Morning is a pop record for grownups.

Deep Cricket Night will be back in Indianapolis on July 31. I’d say I’ll see you there, but it is the night of my (I’m not telling you how many years) high school reunion.

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Extreme Food Drive: Second Helpings Edition

One reason that I had not been out very much the last three weeks to see music is that I had a secret! And it was hard keeping this exciting news quiet, so I stayed home and told the cat. As you have probably heard, the Sunday night, tear-jerker show, Extreme Makeover is in Indianapolis. They are holding an Extreme Food Drive for Second Helpings in conjunction with the construction of the house. Any food that we cannot use for prepared meals at Second Helpings will be sent to food pantries in the Martindale-Brightwood area.

Second Helpings provides 880 meals in that neighborhood every single week. We also redirected 131,000 pounds of food in the last six months to the Saint Vincent DePaul Food Pantry that serves the neighborhood. In the first two days of the Extreme Home Makeover we’ve collected over 800 pounds of food.

I am just amazed by all of the behind scenes things on this project. The house is on the 2300 block of Oxford, just east of Keystone Avenue. There is a staging area across Keystone in the industrial park. All of the trucks are queued up and ready to go. It was amazing to see all of the concrete trucks lined up. When I left Monday evening they were pouring concrete for the resource/library building and working on the basement for the house. One day later they were putting on the roof, running the electricity and putting in the HVAC system.

The show travels with a crew of 70, a security company and trucks of supplies. The community has stepped up with 3000 volunteers, donated goods and labor. All of the food for the volunteers and crew has been donated. Kroger provided water, fruit and granola bars for the 1000 neighborhood cleanup people. I had a delicious Qdoba meal in the catering tent. The VIP tent is full of delicious Hoglan Catering food, Posh Petals flowers and Annie-O’s flair.

I am most impressed by the work that is being done in the neighborhood. Two abandoned houses have been demolished, several houses painted, tons of trash picked up, windows replaced and 1500 trees planted. It warms my heart to see some basic quality of life things that most of us take for granted being addressed. I can’t say enough about Estridge – they’re doing things right.

I volunteered on Monday and had the best, yet nerve-wracking volunteer job ever. I shuttled folks around the site in a golf cart. It was disconcerting to look over my shoulder and see a cement truck behind me as we’re crossing Keystone.
If you want to see the site and watch the construction there are buses running from 8:00-8:00 (Friday and Saturday) from the Indianapolis State Fair parking on Coliseum Drive, south of 38th Street. Check the Estridge Web site for more information.

Tom Goss Back To Love CD Release Party
Wednesday, April 8, 2009d
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave.
7:00 doors, 7:30 show, $5. all-ages, nonsmoking.

Tom Goss hails from Washington D.C. He’s celebrating the release of his latest CD, Back To Love, a collection of edgy alt/pop songs that are about love --not always romantic love, but the many faces of love. I wish I had more room – and time to write about this show. You know its springtime – musicians are touring!

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