Thursday, February 19, 2009

venue change for the Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe

From Cliff Snyder:

Hello friends,

I have some unfortunate news for you.
Boulevard Place Cafe has closed it's doors. The ISC shows have been well attended but the business couldn't go on. Bob has hope that he'll be able to reemerge down the line but for now Boulevard Place is done.

For Friday, February 20th - (Tomorrow!) The show will go on! We'll be moving to The Indy Hostel, just a couple of miles away from Boulevard Place Cafe. The Indy Hostel is a wonderful listening room where the show takes place literally in a living room. We're slated to begin at 7pm but we'll most likely wait till 7:30 to kick off, just to give folks time to drive over from Boulevard Place where I'll put a sign on the door.

The address at The Indy Hostel is: 4903 Winthrop Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Their website is here -

Please do me a favor, forward this email to anyone you know who has attended the Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe. We're going to have to band together and spread the word in the next 24hrs and make this a great show for the artists who are all driving from out of town to play for us. I know we can do it but I need your help!

Now, for a little reading on tomorrows show:

Suzette Weakley is one of the wonderful hostesses of the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase. You also may know her from Stella & Jane, the name she and Bobbie Lancaster perform under when they play together. Suzette has a special place in my heart, not only is she a wonderful writer but all the tireless work she puts into the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase is amazing. -

Bobby Clark is one of the hardest gigging writers in the state, no really, go look at his schedule; it's even light right now. If that weren't enough he's actually a Colonel of Kentucky. He shares the honor with Tiger Woods, Dwight Yoakam, Muhammad Ali, Jeff Foxworthy & others. Bobby is known for digging deeper than anyone with his songs about the Midwest, if fact, so deep that John Mellencamp purchased a song from Bobby for a future release. -

Joe Peters work covers a wide range and he's very much a part of central Indiana's songwriter community. His songwriter’s cafe appearance comes on the heels of the February 1st release of his new album, Pilgrimage. I've not heard this disc but if his three previous records are any indication this will be a great one. In fact rumor has it that Joe might just bring down a musical partner to lend some harmonies on this show. -
Thanks for bearing with me folks. The show will go on. Please do what you can to spread the word and please bring friends so that the writers don't trek to Indy just to play for an empty room. Please consider coming even if you weren't and please tell a friend. I have the utmost faith in you!

-Cliff Snyder

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