Thursday, February 5, 2009

Broad Ripple Gazette, vol. 6 no. 3

first published in the Broad Ripple Gazette

Lockstep, Latex Novelties
January 30, 2009
ES Jungle

I was well accessorized for this show. I had my vintage Latex Novelties button and I’m proud to say that I’ve lost enough weight that my punk rock days leather jacket with zippers and buckles fits for the first time in years. But enough about me….

I was glad to see a good crowd for the show. I’ve been preaching about the need for another all-ages venue for years, so I’m thrilled to see it being supported. I arrived just in time for Lockstep, I’m sorry that I missed the sets by Pleasant Run and Up Scumbag – I heard they were great.

Lockstep had the crowd dancing. I remember why I was so skinny in my punk-rock days. Pogo dancing is a great aerobic work out. I’ll have to try it again – in the privacy of my own home, of course. Lockstep sounded great in their punkish-reggae-ska way.

Latex Novelties were big punk-rock fun and I had a blast (from the past!) watching them. And the crowd obviously loved them.

I was happy to run in to the excellent pop music writer for the Indianapolis Star, David Lindquist. I had to resist the urge to copy off of his paper – notebook in this case. Indianapolis is lucky to have someone of his caliber writing about the scene.

A bit about the venue: ES Jungle is in the lower level in the Trinity Church. There is an actual stage and professional sound and lights. Snacks and sodas are available. The vibe is cool – I felt comfortable and didn’t feel like I was crowding out the teenagers. And I was happy to see so many under 21 year-old fans there.


Friday, February 6, 2009
Indy School On Wheels Benefit
2131 E. 71st Street
9:00, 21 +, $5

As regular readers know, I’m a big Chad Mills fan and I think that School on Wheels rocks, so I was delighted when Chad took up the School On Wheels cause.

I asked Chad what prompted him to host the benefit. "As most people are, I was shocked to hear that the average age of a homeless person in Indianapolis is nine years old...and that children make up 30% of our homeless population. That's a big ugly problem that's looming in the shadows of money monuments like Lucas Oil Stadium...and it's a problem that needs to be more of a priority for all of us. Being a dad, I'm particularly sensitive to struggles that children face. And I couldn't agree more with the mission of Indy School on Wheels...because getting an education may be the best chance these kids have to survive.

“Sally Bindley, who started ISOW, has great vision and an even bigger heart. Folks like her, and the hundreds of staff and volunteers at non-profits like this one, are making a difference in this City. I've been pretty blessed in my life...if I can use my talent to help get some folks together and raise money to make a difference in these kids' lives...that's a pretty easy decision for me."

The evening promises to be a blast – it will feature performances by the always fun Scott Rudicel, the talented Matt Martin, the man you’ll be hearing more from Evan Haughey and his band Shogun Attractions, the folks I know nothing about - Glass Halo and of course, Chad Mills. I’ll see you there – I’ll be the one trying to figure out my new camera.

KaiserCartel (music)
James Ratliff (art)
Saturday, February 7th, 2009
Vibes Music
1051 E. 54th Street
(54th Street and the Monon Trail)
7:00, all-ages

The Brooklyn based duo KaiserCartel (Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel) is indie folk music at it’s best. Dreamy tunes, harmonies and catchy music and stuffed animals. Yep, you read that right – stuffed animals. And I hear they make it work – bringing out the inner kid of their audience.

I checked out James Ratliff’s art online and really dug it. I was especially drawn to his work sketched on Moleskine notebooks. All of us obviously talented folks carry a Moleskine book (I favor the reporter style). You can find many shapes and sizes at Big Hat Books.

Many surprises, including a smoking bunny are promised, but I have to admit that I am the most intrigued by the Waffle Raffle at 10:00 to end the show. I can’t wait to hear about that!

Company of Thieves, Hello Roger Wilco, The Awkwards and Sanuk
Friday, February 13, 2009
ES Jungle
6151 Central Avenue
7:00, all ages, $10.

Company of Thieves is in the middle of a national tour, with a stop on the Carson Daly show along the way. The Chicago based trio is touring in support of their latest record, Ordinary Riches.

I don’t know much about Hello Roger Wilco or The Awkwards – and now might be a good time for me to mention that a short bio on your MySpace page would be very helpful.

Sanuk just released their loaded-with-great-original songs CD, Honey I Have News….
They are a real treat to see live.

Not only are the shows at the EJ Jungle all-ages, they have a fine selection of sodas and snacks and the shows start and end early.

The Toasters, Same As Sunday, Opposites Attract
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
ES Jungle
6151 Central Avenue
7:00, all ages, $10.

The Toasters have been around since 1981, making them the longest running (sounds better than oldest) ska band in the country. Front man, Bucket has been called a ska Johnny Appleseed – spreading his music across the world.

Punk-pop band, Same As Sunday and rock quartet Opposites Attract open the show.

Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe
Friday, February 20th, 2009
Boulevard Place Cafe
4155 Boulevard Place
7:00, all ages, $5

This month’s Indianapolis Songwriters CafĂ© features Suzette Weakley, Bobby Clark and Joe Peters.

Suzette Weakley hosts the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase and is part of the duo Stella & Jane.

Bobby Clark also hails from southern Indiana. He's a Kentucky Colonel, sings about the Midwest -- in fact John Mellencamp purchased a song from Bobby for future use.

Joe Peters will represent for northern Indiana. His latest album, Pilgrimage was released on February 1st.

The songwriters will play in the in-the-round format, swapping songs and telling stories. Host Cliff Snyder will emcee and favor us with a few of his great songs.

Noche de Carnaval
Friday, February 20, 2009
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 North College Avenue
8:00 & 10:00, 21 +, $15
reservations online at or call 317.253.4900

Stacie Sandoval, leader and lead singer the salsa band Orquesta Bravo!, presents her first musical production, "Noche de Carnaval," a Latin perspective on Mardi Gras. The interactive show features her Mundo Beat All Star Band in a collaboration with regional dancers. It is described as a musical tour of Latin American carnivals and promises to give the audience a very fun time. The Jazz Kitchen will be offering food and beverage specials with a Latin America flair. After the late show, an after salsa party ($8.) will be held the new back room of The Jazz Kitchen.

Mardi Gras Celebration featuring Living Proof & Swamp Stomp
Saturday, February 21, 2009
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 North College Avenue
8pm - 3am, 21+, $15.

Living Proof is a fun eight-piece, funky, bluesy, R&B band. Recently they opened for the legendary Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, and Morris Day & The Time, and K.C. and the Sunshine Band.

Swamp Stomp is a five-piece Dixieland band that brings memories of riverboats, gambling and good times. The group is led by trumpeter Mark Buselli and bangoista Robin Hopkins.

Need any more incentive? Buffet by Yats.

Free Chili Mondays at Locals Only

The lovely Michele at Locals Only tells me that there will be free chili "every Monday unless we are having a "concert night". Its Queisser homemade spicy chili with macaroni noodles...mmmmmyumyummmm... I don’t like chili but I love his.” Sounds like a great way to start the week.

They are also hosting a service industry night on Tuesday. I hear there are great deals on that day as well.

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