Friday, August 8, 2008

second friday, second helpings ~ 08-08-08

Hello lovelies,

The last month flew by! I’ve spent the last ten minutes squinting at my board games calendar in disbelief. And according to Mr. Patient of the Operation fame it is the second Friday of the month. Self diagnosis –brain freeze - that looks much less painful than charlie horse or bread basket.

Anyway – tonight at the Upper Room (above Broad Ripple Steakhouse) you can hear the fabulous musicians Chad Mills, Evan Haughey, and Matt Martin trading songs for a good cause – Second Helpings.

If you’ve been around me at all, you know if my maniacal appreciation of Chad’s music. Click here for a sample. And I’m looking forward to hearing the other two.

You still have time to mow your grass and go to the State Fair before the show, I’m planning on it.

So, tonight: 10:00 at the Upper Room.

Great music promised.

We’ll be passing the bucket for Second Helpings. Feel free to bring a donation of rice or pasta. We use 125 pounds a day. And it’s just not a second Friday unless I’m lugging pasta through the streets of Broad Ripple at 1:00 in the morning –‘cause that’s what all of the kids are doing.

See you there!


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