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Amy Speace and Stasia Demos - Thursday, August 21

Stasia Demos
Amy Speace and The Tearjerks
Thursday, August 21, 7 pm, $10.
Boulevard Place Café
4155 Boulevard Place
non-smoking, all ages

I cannot tell you how much I adore Amy Speace. She was one of the first people to play at CATH. And she started a long tradition of musicians sleeping on my sofa. In fact my cat’s last name is Speace, because she feels like part of the family. Her music (Amy’s, not the cat) has found a permanent home in my CD player.

You know how much I love connecting dots - the first time Amy played at the coffeehouse I drug her to see Middletown at Utopia. That was the night that Stasia Demos announced her engagement. Ta da! So, how cool is it that Stasia is opening for Amy 8-ish years later?

Amy has been quite busy in the meantime. She caught the ear of Judy Collins and has been supporting her tour along with an extensive schedule of her own.

I will most certainly be at the show. I’m off to blow up air mattresses – the band is staying with me. In the meantime, scroll down for one of the first ever pieces I wrote for NUVO.


Amy Speace
Monday, Oct. 23, 2006 7 p.m.

From playing at CATH coffeehouse to opening for Judy Collins, Amy Speace has come a long way in the last five years. CATH Inc., the acoustic venue at 54th Street and College Avenue that closed in September 2004, was the second stop on her first-ever tour. Speace has spent the past year as Judy Collins’ opening act and winning folk festival and songwriting awards. Her latest release, Songs For Bright Street, is on Collins’ Wildflower Records.

When asked about Judy Collins and Wildflower Records, Speace felt like she was giving a pageant contest answer: “It really has been a dream to open for Judy. She’s one of the first voices I remember from the radio … and she has always been that voice, so iconic.
“As a singer-songwriter working in a folk-based idiom, there are maybe a handful of artists that all want to hear us and nod their approval, and Judy is certainly in that group.”

Speace says that standing backstage listening to Collins sing is incredible. The first time she met Collins, she was distracted by the color of her eyes. Speace managed not to blurt out “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes” and instead greeted her with a very proper “nice to meet you, Ms. Collins.”

Songs For Bright Street is a great collection of Speace’s songwriting talents. Her music is pop-folk with a bit of alt-country tossed in. She will be performing that album and has promised some new songs.

Speace is looking forward to playing in the house concert intimacy of Indy Hostel and enjoying a good run on the Monon Trail.

For more information go to www.amyspeace.com
—Nora Spitznogle

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