Friday, July 18, 2008

An overwhelming a good way...amount of music (Friday, July 18)

Hello Corndogs,

Tonight is one of those nights that I love/hate. I love how much great music is available in the city this evening. I hate it that I can’t possible go see it all.

Here is a rundown (more details below):
1. Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe -Cliff Snyder, Kate Lamont & Doug Sauter (Blueprint Music) & Greg Ziesemer (The Spud Puppies)
2. Middletown – Aaron Stroup, Stasia Demos, Tad Armstrong and rumors of a special guest
3. The ReachArounds – Scott Ballantine, Scott Sanders, Keith Carey, BenWah Salami and Robin Reuter

1. Indianapolis Songwriters Café
Boulevard Place Cafe
4155 Boulevard Pl
7pm - $5, all ages

The very talented Cliff Snyder is the brains, sweat and tears behind Indianapolis Songwriters Café and he is a damn fine singer/songwriter to boot. Kate & Doug are making some of the most beautiful music in Indianapolis. Seriously. Greg Ziesemer has performed in all sorts of groups including his current duo with Kris Luckett and most recently the Spud Puppies.

2. Middletown
The Upper Room
above The Broad Ripple Steakhouse
9pm – 21 +

Middletown is playing their whenever-Aaron-is-in-town reunion show. I’ve heard rumors of a special guest and new songs by Aaron, Stasia and Tad. And you all know how much I love this band, I can’t wait.

3. The ReachArounds

Apres Jack’s (Daddy Jack’s)
9419 N. Meridian St.
9 pm, 21 +

Don’t let the name of the band scare you, although it’s always prudent to stay a safe distance from BenWah. The band plays all of those good old sing-along and dance to tunes.

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