Friday, June 27, 2008

Susan Cowsill (with Tad Armstrong and Aaron Stroup)

Hello lovelies,
[here is a review of the show]
My truck started making a horrible noise on the way to work this morning. Think ball bearings in a blender. A blender with a metal cup. Only louder. The sound made lots of fellow drivers stare at stop lights, which really put a crimp in my ‘apply makeup in the rear view mirror morning routine.’

Anyway, since I’ll be on foot for a few days I’m thrilled that I can walk to see Susan Cowsill at Indy Hostel on Saturday. And the obviously clever Susan is taking Tad Armstrong and Aaron Stroup on tour with her. You know how I feel about Tad and Aaron (Middletown) – any band they are in is bound to be terrific.

The Top Ten Live panel felt the same way this week. The show is at the number 2 spot, above Steve Miller, Joe Cocker and the Mudkids.

Susan Cowsill
Saturday, June 28, 2008
8 pm, $10, all ages welcome
Indy Hostel
4903 Winthrop Ave

I’ll see you there!

From Susan’s Web site: The singer/songwriter made her initial mark on popular culture at the tender age of eight with The Cowsills, the 60s family pop group that not only scored Top Ten singles The Rain, the Park and Other Things, Hair and We Can Fly but also served as the real-life inspiration for TV's fictional Partridge Family. During Susan’s decade with roots-pop supergroup The Continental Drifters, she won the hearts of discerning listeners with her impassioned vocals and personally-charged songwriting, gracing three widely-acclaimed albums and a decade’s worth of riveting performances. Cowsill's vocal talents have beautifully supported recordings from artists as diverse as Dwight Twilley, Redd Kross, The Smithereens, Giant Sand, Nanci Griffith, Carlene Carter and Jules Shear, while her compositions have been covered by The Bangles and Hootie and the Blowfish.

Cowsill's much-loved prior work can now be viewed as a prelude to the stunning solo achievement of Just Believe It. The collection marks a musical and personal milestone for the artist, embodying the same qualities of musical craft and emotional nuance that distinguished her work with The Continental Drifters, while adding a deeper, more resonant and unmistakably personal edge. The CD features guest appearances by Lucinda Williams on the hauntingly bittersweet "Nanny's Song"; Counting Crows front man Adam Duritz, harmonizing with Cowsill on the upbeat "Palm of My Hand," (also featuring Cowsill's former Drifters bandmate and real-life sister-in-law, Bangle Vicki Peterson) Along with 13 new Cowsill originals, Just Believe It includes a stunning cover of Sandy Denny/Fairport Convention classic "Who Knows Where the Time Goes". The entire CD maintains a solid grounding in the organic honesty of rural folk and the catchy melodicism of '60s pop, while dipping into the fluid R&B grooves of Cowsill's longtime hometown of New Orleans.

This summer Cowsill embarks on her most extensive solo tour to date. Her road-toughened summer combo, including Russ Broussard (Continental Drifters) on drums, Tad Armstrong on bass guitar/vocals and ace guitarist Aaron Stroup (both formerly of Indianapolis-based band Middletown), merges a seamless rock sensibility with an organic sensitivity that echoes the singer’s own.

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Hope be back on wheels soon, instead of heels. Hope your enjoy.