Monday, November 8, 2010

Broad Ripple Gazette, vol 7, no 22

 first published in the Broad Ripple Gazette

Happy Anniversary gentle readers! The first Buzzing Around Town column was published on October 28, 2005. I can’t believe that five years have passed and that I haven’t missed a column – although there were times that both publisher, Alan Hague and I doubted that I’d manage to slide one in at the absolute last minute. Sorry Alan!

I’ve meet scores of amazing people in the last five years – and I think you’re all the bee’s knees! I appreciate everyone who has introduced themselves to me. I still blush and stammer, but I’m thrilled to meet you. I’ve written 125-ish columns in the last five years. All of that writing has been great practice for me. I’ve managed to find my writing voice and confidence. In early columns I spent a good deal of time apologizing for my age and lack of formal musical knowledge.

When the column first started I was writing on a wheezy desktop computer that took up most of my living room and was connected to the Internet via telephone line –when it worked. The first year the majority of my writing was done at a computer at Indy Hostel – thanks John. The next year I bought an iBook with a wireless connection. Too bad I didn’t have wireless at home. Many a column was sent late at night with my computer pressed up to the window at the News Café. I’m sure I surprised many last-call patrons leaving Moe and Johnny’s when they walked by and I was holding the computer at odd angles trying to catch the wireless connection.

I’ve graduated to a MacBook that hardly ever leaves my side – I don’t go as far as to sleep with it, that would be nuts! I keep it beside the bed. I also have a fancier camera, with a detachable lens, which allows me better access to photograph bands.

The five years of writing BAT has opened many doors for me. I now freelance for NUVO newsweekly and the national music magazine, Ghettoblaster. I vote each week on the Top Ten Live list that is published in Metromix. I still get a thrill when I see a stack of Broad Ripple Gazettes in the window of a business or catch a glimpse of someone reading one. I often hear that the Gazette is the best paper in town and I heartily agree.

At the Austin City Limits Festival in October
photo credit: Laura Steele

I look a little different now from the bee caricature above. In the last five years my hair has been longer and straighter and back. I now wear glasses – you can draw those in if you like.

I wish I had more time and could see every bit of music that is out there. For all of us at the Gazette, writing is a volunteer gig – one that I’m thrilled to have. I have the same jobs (yep, jobs, plural) that I had when the column started and I adore every one of them. I was promoted at Second Helpings three years ago; I’m now the director of operations for the food rescue, job-training and hunger relief agency. I love my once-a-month Sunday shift at Marigold, the wonderful clothing store next to Big Hat Books at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. I’m still the waitress/cook at the iconic Red Key Tavern most Saturday nights and couldn’t be happier about it.

When people tell me there is nothing to do in Indianapolis I want to swat at them with a rolled up Gazette. My problem is choosing what to do. You can find art and music on almost every corner in Broad Ripple – isn’t it awesome! I’ll see you out and about. And thanks for reading. Seriously, thanks.

The New Christy Minstrels
Thursday, November 4
The Mansion at Oak Hill

5801 East 116th Street

Carmel, Indiana 46033
7:30, dinner & concert, $45

Our own Greg O’Haver (Crossover, A Touch of Grass) is movin’ on up! He’s left the basement venue of the Corner Wine Bar and is now touring with the Grammy winning folk band, The New Christy Minstrels.
How Greg got there is a great story. He had auditioned for Randy Sparks (founder and leader of TNCM) in 1968 and came close to touring the Orient with Randy when Fats Johnson decided to join the tour and bumped Greg. Over 40 years later, a second audition in March of this year got Greg a spot in the band. Randy calls Greg,” …our newest, brightest star in the revived New Christy Minstrels.”

The New Christy Minstrels have an aggressive tour schedule. We re lucky enough that they are stopping in Carmel to play a show at The Mansion at Oak Hill in Carmel. It promises to be big folk fun. The ticket price includes dinner and the bragging rights that you know someone in the band.

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