Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Night in the Free Zone

This is the first in a series of radio deejay profiles. I got to hang out on The Free Zone and soak it all in.

I love my writer introduction: This piece is the first in an occasional series of local radio DJ profiles by Nora Spitznogle has been fascinated by radio ever since she was old enough to reach the FM dial on the farm truck. She begged to drive the John Deere B-series tractor, not because it was easier to drive, but because there was an AM radio mounted by a galvanized pipe to the tractor. She didn’t mind having to throw her whole body into the gearbox to coax the tractor to move. It was worth it for the chance to sing “Run Joey Run” at the top of her lungs with no one within twenty acres. She still listens to the radio in her pickup truck and sings “Run Joey Run” in the shower.

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