Thursday, January 8, 2009

no one told me!

I wrote a slight snarky blog post for NUVO. You can read it here.


Evan said...


"Karaoke is one of those things — like serial killers, child porn and multiplication tables — that I just choose to pretend don't exist."

made me laugh.

James said...

Nora, I tried to find your "snarky" post, but when I clicked on the "here", I was told it doesn't exist. However, I absolutely love Evan's comment.
I would love to express my opinion about your piece in the Gazette called "Northside Newsstand Festivus Party". Is this the proper place to do that? Suffice it to say, I wish I had been walking with you...Jim

nora said...

Jim, I reposted the link. If that does not work, just go to click on blogs and look for the title there.

And, yes - this is the place to express your opinion. Or you can write to me here: