Friday, November 21, 2008

Broad Ripple Gazette, vol 5. no 24

Happy Anniversary to me!
Three years, seventy-eight columns, hundreds of bands and over 150,000 words. And this will be only the second time I’ve turned in the piece by the deadline.

My life a changed in the time I’ve been writing Buzzing Around Town. I’m now the director of operations for Second Helpings. I purchased the house I’ve been living in for the last twelve years, my home now has Internet access – I now longer have to stand outside the Northside News to transmit my column and I’ve gone from being the “worst photographer” Alan’s ever seen to half-way decent.

A good chunk of my life is the same. I still work at the Red Key most Saturdays and Marigold one Sunday a month. I still drive the same truck, have the same cat and love living in the neighborhood.

Some really cool things have happened because of the column. I’m now freelancing for NUVO – and had a cover story in May. I got to attend the Austin City Limits Festival with a press pass. Most importantly I’ve met tons of cool people who keep this music community rolling – musicians, soundmen, venue owners, promoters, bartenders and doormen. The other music writers have been helpful and kind. I vote on the Top Ten Live list every week and Queen Bee is a reoccurring character in the Barfly comix.

It’s been a great three years, thanks for being part of it. Now, on to the music…

Saturday, November 1
Monumental Marathon

The first-ever Monumental Marathon was a great success. The run benefited several IPS programs. I want to thank all of the people who got out and cheered on the runners, hosted entertainment and played. I heard from several runners that the stretch through Meridian-Kessler and Broad Ripple Village were the best on the 26-ish mile route.

I loved the scene around Mile 11 on 5600 block of Washington Boulevard. The very generous Altemeyer family loaned their front porch for entertainment and rallied the block to get out a cheer. And the Long’s doughnut was delicious also, although it felt weird to be munching on a pastry as marathoners were running by.

The talented metal band, Condemned played on the porch. They were loud and good and perfect for an early Saturday morning. The band is made up of Chatard students Alex Koch, Corey Sauer and Drew Schroeder. In case you’re wondering how an electric rock band mixed with Meridian-Kessler neighbors, the answer is: beautifully. Both groups have volunteered to do it next year.

I loved it also. I actually got all misty standing on the street watching it all unfold. We do live in the best neighborhood. Thanks Teresa, Alex, Corey and Drew and all of the other musicians and all of the other makeshift venues.

Holiday Preview Night
Broad Ripple Village
Friday, November 14, 2008

I started out the evening by working at Marigold, which is always a blast. It reminds of when Mom convinced us kids that it was more fun to be home greeting trick-or-treaters than going out ourselves. And she was right, it is cool to be all dressed up and be a hostess. Everyone was in a festive holiday mood in spite of the cruddy weather.

After work Linda and Elizabeth Shikany and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Corner Wine Bar. The tomato soup rocks, perfect cold night. During dinner we could hear the melodic sounds of Touch of Grass

Here is the lineup for the Tonic Ball

Elvis stage (Fountain Square Theater)
7:00 The Turnipseeds
7:15 Luke Austin Daugherty
7:30 Fair and Square
7:45 Susan and The Desperate Seekers
8:00 We're Not Squibnocket
8:15 The Innate
8:30 CW and The Working Class Trio
8:45 Brian Deer
9:00 Creepin' Charley
9:15 Bars and Tone
9:30 Sanuk
9:45 Jennie De Voe
10:00 Frankie Camaro's Atomic Bombay
10:15 Mandy Marie and The Cool Hand Lukes

Queen stage (Radio Radio)
8:00 The Misprintz
8:20 Mars or the Moon
8:40 The Odyssey Favor
9:00 Everest
9:20 Jeff Byrd and The Wingmen
9:40 Bigger Than Elvis
10:00 We're Not Squibnocket
10:20 The Common
10:40 Retromeo
11:00 Yoko Moment
12:20 Dale Lawrence
11:40 Vess Ruhtenberg
mid Everything Now!
12:20 Red Light Driver

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