Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second Friday, Second Helpings

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Second Fridays, Second Helpings
Friday, March 14, 2008
The Upper Room (above the Broad Ripple Steakhouse)
10 pm. Donation (cash/pasta) to Second Helpings, please

Following the success of the Broad Ripple Fall Music Festival, a few of us put our heads together to try to see if we could create a series based on the kind of success we had combining music, raising money and awareness, and building new venues for music.

The Upper Room has been booking live original music for some time. Jeff Sample has a long history in Indianapolis music both as a musician and songwriter, and through his bookings at Birdy's - supporting original local music 300 days a year.

Second Helpings feeds the hungry and provides vocational opportunities in the community. Nora Spitznogle promotes original music tirelessly in Indianapolis by talking about music, going to shows, and writing for both Nuvo and the Broad Ripple Gazette. She is well-known in the songwriter scene since her booking and hotel services were the primary force behind CATH as a performance space.

Musical Family Tree is dedicated to building a community around Indiana music. Thousands of mp3's are available from hundreds of bands and their work in the community promoting shows, releases, and behind the scenes awareness for dozens of cultural efforts in the city and beyond.PJ Christie has been one of the driving forces behind the scenes on MFT since the beginning and has a long history promoting a dozen bands, songwriting and performing.

The good people in Indianapolis have a lot to be thankful that these three individuals have come together to promote a monthly event called Second Fridays, Second Helpings at The Upper Room to benefit Second Helpings beginning March 14, 2008. Muscial Family Tree is supporting the effort by providing access to the top performers in the area.

This night has been in the making for a couple months but unfortunately our busy schedules have not allowed for a proper kickoff meeting, so we are counting on all of you to help make this first event special. Come out for a night of good original music and bring a donation of food for Second Helpings.March 14 will feature PJ, Lance Drake and Chris Haskett in a songwriter in the round type of event.

The three of them played in the highly regarded band Baroo in Chicago from 1999 to 2001. Previously and since, they have all performed in a wide variety of bands. Currently PJ can be seen playing bass for local favorites The Vulgar Boatmen while his own band is on hiatus. Lance is tearing up the Chicago scene in his acoustic quartet Deep Cricket Night. Chris plays with his new project, My Special Purpose and has joined Ben Justus as the drummer.

But all of them will come together to play new and old material and support each other in a once in a lifetime performance. Come out and be a part of it! Many of you might want to be a part of future shows, let us know if you are interested!

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