Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Middletown, Thursday December 27

Hello sugarplums,

As another year winds down you get one more chance to see the late-great-they-only-play-when-Aaron Stroup-is-in-town Middletown.

This Thursday (12/27) evening at the downstairs wine cellar of the Corner Wine Bar (details below).

The end of the year also brings in inevitable lists. For my take on the year in review for folk and world music click here.
For Harry Cheese's (BenWah Salami) wrap-up of national events click here.

In my quest for total local print media domination turn to page 22 of the current NUVO. The Be Indypendent ad campaign features me talking about why I purchased Kipp Normand's Robot #3.

I'll see you Thursday evening.

THE CORNER WINE BAR (downstairs wine cellar)
THURSDAY DECEMBER 27th(8-10:30ish) 21 and over

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