Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Robyn Hitchcock preview

I've been a Robyn Hitchcock fan since his days in the Soft Boys. I love the song "Ugly Nora"
When I was a kid I could never find a bicycle licence plate, key chain or sparkly pencil with my name on it.

As a young punk-rocker the "Ugly Nora" song gave me some street cred.

I jumped on the chance to write the preview for NUVO and sent a list of generic questions to his publicist, never dreaming the man himself would respond.

I would have thanked him for the song...and asked him what the hell it was about.

You can read the preview here.

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Monica said...

I think I only have one Robyn Hitchcock song on my Ipod, is it Balloon man?? i forgot!!!